Oye lucky, lucky oye…

Nay nay this post has nothing to do with that movie or song, what has made me curious is luck! Told you am a filmy buff so the title felt apt! 😛
I once asked mom what exactly is luck, to which she answered that its God helping us a little in our task! I wondered that God is unbiased and helps everyone then why is it that only a few feel lucky and rest of us keep cursing our luck. %) As if mom read my mind, she furthur told me that God helps those who have worked sincerely towards it and deserve it. I found it pretty interesting. So luck is not just a fluke, we need to make luck by our constant efforts! Hmm… But then there are times when i have worked and slogged for many things and still didnot get those! Does that mean i didnt deserve those? Or was it that my efforts were not enough? 😦 When i wondered this aloud, mom told me that there were also times when i got things without puting much efforts in them and that time i didnt ask why i got it, i didnt deserve it! I was brought to reality. There were actually many times when i got things just like that and i never thanked God for it! But i still didnt understand the basis on which luck favoured us!
Slowly and gradually i have come to understand it! This little thing called luck works in its own funny ways…i would call it God’s blessing! If we observe our life, we are blessed in every moment, we are lucky every moment! I have realized that i dont thank God for all the times i feel blessed or lucky but the precise moment i feel something going against me i say ‘hey bhaggu, why me’! Shows how selfish i am! 😦 God has His own mysterious ways in which He helps us, so we are not favoured with luck everytime or so we feel! We cannot understand those ways, that is the reason He is God! It is not for us to understand how His ways work! Ours is the job to work hard, be sincere and thank God for all that we have today!
We are all God’s children, He will take care of each one of us! We all know this, but still many people go to astrologers and numerologists and pandits to make there future better! I dont say its wrong, everyone is curious with regards to future, i read my zodiac daily! But that is not the way to please God! We all should first thank Him for what we have today!
If i am able to write this post, am luckier than many who never got a chance to study!
If i get to use technology, am luckier than many who dont even get food daily!
If i have parents, am luckier than many children in orphanage!
If i have a place to call home, am luckier than many who live on streets!
If i wake up in morning, i am luckier than many who died!
Gosh, i am so lucky! Thanku God! I have decided that i will try to stop cursing my luck and thank God for giving me such a blessed life! 🙂 ..


Sweet little thing called…LIFE!!!

Life is to live, for ourself and for those around us! But we actually live when we enjoy things around us! Life is in all those times when we feel blessed! 🙂 🙂 ..

Life is in bond you feel when you reach home late from a party and mom says she understands..

Life is in luck you feel when you reach late for a train only to know the train is late too..

Life is in care you feel when you are hungry at 2am and find mom has kept pasta for you in kitchen..

Life is in joy you feel when you are bored and your favourite movie airs on tv..

Life is in pride you feel when your hair behave good on the day you go to party..

Life is in satisfaction you feel when the book you read ends exactly the way you want..

Life is in nostalgia when you see small children going happily to school..

Life is the look on the face of the person whom you just helped..

Life is in the happiness you feel when questions asked are exactly the one you prepared for..

Life is in excitement you feel when you want to dance and your favourite song plays on radio..

Life is in the gratitude you feel when you are lost but that little help from stranger makes your day..

Life is the cheer you get when you guess something and it happens to be correct..

Life is in love you feel when you win a game against your dad who you know lost just to make us happy..

Life is in pamper you feel when your friend reminds you that you have to take medicine..

Life is in friendship you feel when you do something stupid and your friend joins you..

Life is in magic you feel when you see that proud smile enlighten your parents’ face because you are being awarded..

Life is in pleasure when a mom sees her child sleep peacefully..

Life is in relief you get when it rains after you reach at a party safely..

Life is when you read this post and smile reliving every such moment..

Life is all about these small little pleasures. Stop. Feel. Before you get lost in hustle and bustle of your very busy life. 🙂 🙂


Have heard people say that life is nothing if we don’t have an aim in life! Aim of life must be clear…one must be clear in life about what one has to achieve…earn…blah blah blah..!! Why is it that the aims are always fulfillment of materialistic needs?! 😐
Why can’t the aim be to be a good human? Or a good citizen? Or to spread happiness? Or to help others?%).. It is a shame that we have to aim for this, these should be our fundamentals! But the world is such that very few today can selflessly think about benefit of others! 😦
Ofcourse there are people who actually have achieved it, working towards it!! But then wont we get a confused expression if we say we aim to be good?!
Like the other day someone asked me what I want to do ahead in life, I answered I want to help people around and serve the country all my life! I was shocked at the reply the person gave me! He told ‘woh toh thik hai beta par aap karna kya chahte ho? Kaam vaam nai karogi?’translation ‘that is fine dear but what you intend to do? Wont you do a job?’ 😦
Why are people around so money minded? Have we lost all our kindness and compassion? Yes it is important to be educated and earn but not just for ourself and our family! Helping others, sharing, humility, brotherhood are all long forgotten qualities!
For once can we stop being futuristic and live in present! Even when futuristic can’t we try to be less selfish (being selfless is a myth)! It is said that happiness is in the journey and not the destination! So why cant we enjoy our journey towards our aim?? Our aim, be it anything, is something that will make us happy so why is the journey so rigid and hard? That is because all we are trying to pursue is materialistic happiness! 😦 😦
I wish I could end this post on a good note but there is not much good left around! 😦 😦

Tip tip barsa pani..

Whoa!!! Finally the much awaited rains come to mumbai!!! Just when i thought i would die of heat!! Now there would be hundreds of blog posts yesterday itself on rains…i am no diffrent! I am a simple girl with simple things to share! I am a complete filmy person so rains to me are extra special!!
Technically, i hate rains (i know after what i wrote above this sounds stupid). I mean yesterday i was fully decked up for my class in the evening and waiting for my friend! Yes it was raining while we started on the scooty but we thought we will make it to class with our rainjackets! We were not even half way down the road that we got so drenched that we decided to miss the class! I missed an important lecture because of rain, how can i not hate it?! 😦
Now that me and my friend had to go home we decided to enjoy the rain!! We took a very long drive on our scooty, enjoyed the cool breeze, the serene view on highway, small kids dancing in rain, couples getting drenched and romancing, people out in there balconies having tea! Wow! What a ride it was! Sweet simple pleasures!! All worth missing the lecture!! If in lecture i would have missed so much fun, nt to forget the garma garam pakodas with family when i got back home! 🙂 I love rains!! The opportunity cost analysis gone for a toss!
God, how can i both hate and love rains?! Lets say i love rains when i can enjoy it! Yes am sounding so selfish! I know how important rains are, with all the global warming problems, needs of farmers! We need rains! Bt what with the huge mud holes, delayed trains, traffic jams??! Makes life so much more difficult! Why cant i stop cribbing about bad things and just appreciate the good ones?
In this busy mumbaiya life, why do we just enjoy the first rain and then crib about it rest of the season?? Why cant it be just a bollywood movie where rains are all about enjoying, romancing and being together? Well, now toh even bollywood has gone dark with all movies on serious subjects!!

Nevertheless, i have decided to enjoy my monsoon and try not to hate rains!!
Ghode jaisi chaal, hathi jaisi dum…oh sawan raja kahan se aye tum.. Chak dhoom dhoom!!

Love each other, or perish..

Hmm! So its only right for me to start with a post that explains about the website name!! 🙂
So its my belief! Its what i lead my life on! Love all! Love each other, or perish! Now i do know its easier said than done… But what is the harm in trying? We can always try to be loving and caring to others! Only if we understand that ‘people are not bad, situations are’, life will b much simpler and easy!! Its ok to rant about people but its more important to understand why that person behaves that way!
Its not always that easy to distinguish the good guys from the bad guys. Sinners can surprise you and the same is true for saints. Why do we try to define people as simply good or bad? Because no one wants to admit that compassion and cruelty can live side by side in one heart. And that anyone is capable of anything. So just one bad deed by a person doesnt make him bad at all! So love, trust and understand people around! Life is too short for insecurities!
Love each other, or perish!

PS: I have read this line love each other, or perish in a novel and its what i try to do and believe in completely!