Tip tip barsa pani..

Whoa!!! Finally the much awaited rains come to mumbai!!! Just when i thought i would die of heat!! Now there would be hundreds of blog posts yesterday itself on rains…i am no diffrent! I am a simple girl with simple things to share! I am a complete filmy person so rains to me are extra special!!
Technically, i hate rains (i know after what i wrote above this sounds stupid). I mean yesterday i was fully decked up for my class in the evening and waiting for my friend! Yes it was raining while we started on the scooty but we thought we will make it to class with our rainjackets! We were not even half way down the road that we got so drenched that we decided to miss the class! I missed an important lecture because of rain, how can i not hate it?! 😦
Now that me and my friend had to go home we decided to enjoy the rain!! We took a very long drive on our scooty, enjoyed the cool breeze, the serene view on highway, small kids dancing in rain, couples getting drenched and romancing, people out in there balconies having tea! Wow! What a ride it was! Sweet simple pleasures!! All worth missing the lecture!! If in lecture i would have missed so much fun, nt to forget the garma garam pakodas with family when i got back home! 🙂 I love rains!! The opportunity cost analysis gone for a toss!
God, how can i both hate and love rains?! Lets say i love rains when i can enjoy it! Yes am sounding so selfish! I know how important rains are, with all the global warming problems, needs of farmers! We need rains! Bt what with the huge mud holes, delayed trains, traffic jams??! Makes life so much more difficult! Why cant i stop cribbing about bad things and just appreciate the good ones?
In this busy mumbaiya life, why do we just enjoy the first rain and then crib about it rest of the season?? Why cant it be just a bollywood movie where rains are all about enjoying, romancing and being together? Well, now toh even bollywood has gone dark with all movies on serious subjects!!

Nevertheless, i have decided to enjoy my monsoon and try not to hate rains!!
Ghode jaisi chaal, hathi jaisi dum…oh sawan raja kahan se aye tum.. Chak dhoom dhoom!!


2 thoughts on “Tip tip barsa pani..

  1. why do we just enjoy the first rain and then crib about it rest of the season??>> dats exactly d question in my mind during d first rain…
    dats how it is i guess wid almost all of us(especially those who have to travel in local trains)….our relationship wid rain is a perfect example of a love-hate relationship…

  2. exactly!! D yummy buthas, lovely smell of mud, super views r lovable! Bt wet jackets being rubbed against us in trains, delays due to rain make it bad!!

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