Have heard people say that life is nothing if we don’t have an aim in life! Aim of life must be clear…one must be clear in life about what one has to achieve…earn…blah blah blah..!! Why is it that the aims are always fulfillment of materialistic needs?! 😐
Why can’t the aim be to be a good human? Or a good citizen? Or to spread happiness? Or to help others?%).. It is a shame that we have to aim for this, these should be our fundamentals! But the world is such that very few today can selflessly think about benefit of others! 😦
Ofcourse there are people who actually have achieved it, working towards it!! But then wont we get a confused expression if we say we aim to be good?!
Like the other day someone asked me what I want to do ahead in life, I answered I want to help people around and serve the country all my life! I was shocked at the reply the person gave me! He told ‘woh toh thik hai beta par aap karna kya chahte ho? Kaam vaam nai karogi?’translation ‘that is fine dear but what you intend to do? Wont you do a job?’ 😦
Why are people around so money minded? Have we lost all our kindness and compassion? Yes it is important to be educated and earn but not just for ourself and our family! Helping others, sharing, humility, brotherhood are all long forgotten qualities!
For once can we stop being futuristic and live in present! Even when futuristic can’t we try to be less selfish (being selfless is a myth)! It is said that happiness is in the journey and not the destination! So why cant we enjoy our journey towards our aim?? Our aim, be it anything, is something that will make us happy so why is the journey so rigid and hard? That is because all we are trying to pursue is materialistic happiness! 😦 😦
I wish I could end this post on a good note but there is not much good left around! 😦 😦


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