Sweet little thing called…LIFE!!!

Life is to live, for ourself and for those around us! But we actually live when we enjoy things around us! Life is in all those times when we feel blessed! 🙂 🙂 ..

Life is in bond you feel when you reach home late from a party and mom says she understands..

Life is in luck you feel when you reach late for a train only to know the train is late too..

Life is in care you feel when you are hungry at 2am and find mom has kept pasta for you in kitchen..

Life is in joy you feel when you are bored and your favourite movie airs on tv..

Life is in pride you feel when your hair behave good on the day you go to party..

Life is in satisfaction you feel when the book you read ends exactly the way you want..

Life is in nostalgia when you see small children going happily to school..

Life is the look on the face of the person whom you just helped..

Life is in the happiness you feel when questions asked are exactly the one you prepared for..

Life is in excitement you feel when you want to dance and your favourite song plays on radio..

Life is in the gratitude you feel when you are lost but that little help from stranger makes your day..

Life is the cheer you get when you guess something and it happens to be correct..

Life is in love you feel when you win a game against your dad who you know lost just to make us happy..

Life is in pamper you feel when your friend reminds you that you have to take medicine..

Life is in friendship you feel when you do something stupid and your friend joins you..

Life is in magic you feel when you see that proud smile enlighten your parents’ face because you are being awarded..

Life is in pleasure when a mom sees her child sleep peacefully..

Life is in relief you get when it rains after you reach at a party safely..

Life is when you read this post and smile reliving every such moment..

Life is all about these small little pleasures. Stop. Feel. Before you get lost in hustle and bustle of your very busy life. 🙂 🙂


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