The Godfather!

Just got done with this amazing book by Mario Puzo! Nice read. Quite enthralling. Puzo manages to keep us hooked till the very last moment. Very well written. Too many tracks but not at all confusing. Enjoyed myself throughout. Eager to watch the movies made on the book. Loved the character of Don Vito! Didnt quite agree with what the character thinks that friendship involves give and take! But then why would i agree with a Don! Haha! Must read for all fiction lovers to know what is going on around the world you feel so safe in! 😛


Chillar Party!!

Loooooovvvveeedddd itttt!! The movie is just super awesme! I love kids so i was very determined to watch this movie, but soon i realized i wasnt the only one!! Ha! We tried to watch it on sunday, it was houseful in whichever theatre we tried and even the shows uptil night we are booked! Then monday i had class so only my mom and dad tried for evening show, but no luck! Wednesday evening i was free, i tried getting them but it was HOUSEFULL! Huh! Finally we got to watch it on thursday! Went for the movie with the expectations of getting the innocent and kidish humor along with what and how little angels think….and must say the movie is worth it! The kids are fabulous and the story very moving! The innocence and charm of kids is very well captured! The movie potrays kids at their best! Kids, be it from any cast, rich or poor are same at heart, they all have same needs and demands! Its there upbringing that changes them… Hmm! Beautifully depicted in movie! I loved each and every kid who is part of the gang chillar party!
Master Irfan Khan (fatka) – brilliant acting
Sanath Menon (arjun/encyclopedia) – cute and smart
Rohan Grover (akram) – handsome little stud
Naman Jain (jhangiya) – cutest, funny, brilliant acting, my most fav of all
Aarav Khana (Aflatoon) – shonu monu
Divji handa (shaolin) – cutie pie
And all other kids just superb! Chota packet, bada dhammal! And ofcourse Ranbir Kapoor’s item song is boletoh ekdum jhakkas!! Loved the dialogs in the movie too… Khaneka, khujane ka, bati bujane ka aur sojaneka! Hahaha! And jhagiya’s dialogs were just way too witty and the timing of naman jain has added the charm which makes him most adorable character in the movie! Hard not to love him! Mwa to all the kids! Nitesh Tiwari and Vikas Bahl, thanku for this fabulous movie! 🙂

Mistaken Spirit..!!

A lot is being talked about the bomb blasts in Mumbai on 13 july, 2011!! Numerous speculations, facts none! Its just two days after that and life is back to normal….everyone has resumed work, class and mumbai is back to being busy! Those who havnt yet recovered are the people who got injured and their families and the families of the people who died…these are the people who will never ever forget it!! But then for how long can they cry over it, in few days even they will be back to their work! Is that what we call ‘Mumbaiya Spirit’?!
What i wonder is do we really have a choice?? A choice other than moving on?? Does people resuming work mean that they have this spirit in them to fight back and are fearless?!
No! ‘Spirit of Mumbai’ has a lot to do with Livelihood! People have to work to provide for their families, but inside they are ANGRY and HURT..!! What choice do we have with all this competition and fast life around!! As they say the show must go on!!! The real spirit or humanity was evident at the time of blasts, mumbai was very well in handling its aftermath! But then just because we are tolerant doesnt mean that anyone can come and attack us! How many lives does Mumbai have? Nine? Oh good! We still have a couple more left! Oops! I forgot. We are sitting ducks, not cats!! If we elect people who’ve constantly let us down, if we continue on our path of selfish apathy (aka “resilience”), this is our fault that all this has happened! Also anger, frustration and helplessness is NOT the answer! Will killing kasab do any good, i wonder! If thought logically he is only link we have to the master minds behind 2008 blasts, so he dying is of no use! He is just a pawn! Right now it is important to be cautious with the things around and not just for few days but everytime, please people dont let this fade! Prayers for all! 🙂 🙂

Food for thought:
We need to take a good long look at ourselves and see if the much used word “humanity” is justified at all when we refer to homo sapiens.

Blasts…Birthday gift for Kasab..!!

So its 13 july, 2011!!

17 killed, 200 injured!!

Its my friends birthday!! Had a good day until i reached home after my training! Just as i reached home, was shocked to see mom so tensed! She was like OMG, good you are safe! I told her what was anyway going to happen to me maa, am fine!! Then she told me to go in the living room and check out the news! I did so!! Horrible news i saw! 3 serial blasts in Mumbai!! Mom had been trying to call me and dad for quite sometime! Network crash is just so normal in such situations! I immediately messaged my dad and he replied that he is safe and reaching in sometime! The relief i got is beyond words!! At that precise moment i realized how much i love my dad…not only dad but my entire family! 🙂 🙂 🙂 ..

My heart aches to even think about the condition of the people stuck, injured or died in these blasts!! I have always believed in the theory that never hate the criminal, hate the crime!! But such terrible crimes?? Are they forgivable???? I doubt that!! Whoever is behind all this might not have a heart….how can anyone kill someone just to terrorize others?? Such stuff doesnt seem real to me at all!! Why??? Killing innocent people who have nothing to do with anything…just some sick, sadistic pleasure of seeing Mumbai burn…!! Utter nonsense!! Its monsoon, rains are in full swing in Mumbai which makes things worse!! 😦

What is more shocking that i got to know is that today is Kasab’s birthday!! He is one of the terrorist who was caught alive during 26/11!! Uptil this date there is no decision reached as to how much punishment he should get….whether he should be sentenced to death penalty or no!! Till now India is keeping him all safe and sound in there arrest…that person killed hundreds of people with no shame in his eyes, but to give hima death sentence we might take an eternity..!! Earlier evn i was of the view that its of no use killing him….killing is bad, there will be no difference between them and us then!! But today again many people are killed, many injured! How fair is that?! What is the punishment for such crimes?? Is the punishment by law enough?? Will it change things?? I dont think so…these terrorist dont fear death, how can a person killing people ruthlessly fear anything! Neither do they believe in God i think or they wont hurt fellow humans, no religion permits that! Then what exactly is the motive of all this?? Is it still the Jammu kashmir case that these blasts are for??!! Does it serve any purpose!! Writing this what occurs to me is that me pondering over this is not changing anything at all…all that can be done is in the hands of police and the government! I as a citizen can merely protest and force the authorities to take an action…that too might fade off with time and next year same day there will be a candle march held for peace of souls who died!! Am not against it but something should be done to stop this murder and mayhem!!

Daily when i reach my training i get a call from my mom, daily with a different reason! The actual being to just check if i have reached safely…this is how safe my city, my country is!! This moment i am writing this, next one i would be dead if it blasts in my apartment….anything is possible!! But then we cannot just blame government, prevention of blasts is not a foolproof exercise. handling the aftermath compassionately & wisely, is..!!

At the moment all i can do is pray…

pray for d departed souls,

pray for those injured,

pray for there families,

pray that God blesses these terrorist with some emotions and sensitivity,

pray that such thing never happens again,

pray that my family is safe everyday,

pray that i get the strength to make the difference,

pray that humanity prevails!!

I just can keep my fingers crossed that situation will only improve from now on… we all need to HOPE, it will help us all come together and fight the wrong! 🙂 🙂

The Shawshank Redemption!

This movie was released way back in 1994. I was jst 3yrs old then 😀 😀 .. Somehow i happened to watch it yesterday! 
It was suggested to me by a friend! Bless her! 🙂 .. The movie is just way too brilliant! If you are a masala drama freak, this is not the kinda stuff for you! Its a movie about love, friendship, hope, passion, intelligence and 
your inner spirit! 🙂 .. Not a single moment in the movie i was bored! The roles played by Tim Robbins of a banker imprisoned without fault and of Morgan Freeman, a prisoner since 40yrs are superb, almost real! Ace acting! *respect* .. 
Frank Darabont has directed the movie in an enthralling manner, keeps us glued to the screen! And i absolutely loved the character Heywood played by William Sadler, brings the humor factor to the movie! So if you havent yet seen the movie, you sure are missing something very good! 🙂 .. After the movie i truely believe what the tag line says,

‘Fear can hold you prisoner Hope
can set you free’ 🙂

God on earth..!!

Today i had a very early morning and a fully packed day!! I got up at the nick of time but still made it to lecture just on time! Now punctuality is a trait i have inherited from my mom and it irks me to be late! So i was very proud and all smiles throughout the lecture that i wasnt late! 🙂 🙂 🙂 .. The lecture left earlier than usual! So i had time to go home and then go for my training instead of heading straight there! A little rest is always welcome! 😀 .. But all my happiness wore off when i reached home all drenched in rain! 😦 .. Mom answered the door and beamed with happiness on seeing me! She teased me a little as she knows i hate getting wet! I got irritated and glared loudly that i will leave in half hour! I changed and sat on my usual place to watch tv! Dad served me toast, which i ate and got ready to leave! As i left, i gave a huge bear hug to my mom, dad and badi ma! Am sure it made their day 🙂 🙂 🙂 ..
Now i missed something very important above….the reason why i am writing this post! As i was munching my toast, i was watching sony tv, Xfactor to be particular! Its a Indian reality show for singers! A band named NIRMITEE (pardon the spelling if wrong) had jst performed and now they were showing an AV for the only girl in the group! AV pictured girl’s parents, her dad whose a car driver since 25 yrs and her mom a part time tailor and housewife! They were sharing there happiness and pride for their daughter! Her dad said that he loves her daughter and he has always tried to support her in whatever she does! He said that he and his wife have always tried to hide their financial condition and fulfilled her wishes! The AV showed the conditions in which she has been brought up and they were not very good! All this time through the AV, all the girl did was cry! Not only the girl but all judges and her parents siting in audience were moved to tears! I too felt water in my eyes! The girl then spoke and said that its her dad’s dream to be a driver to his daughter’s car! And it was her dream to make her dad sit behind and drive him to places! It was all so touchy feely and true! 🙂 🙂 ..
It was then that i realized that i made it to class on time because mom had done most of my job, i was able to rest when i was back home because my family was doing all my work! I had not even realized i was hungry until i took the first bite of the toast dad served! But my mom knew that i was hungry! While i was busy relaxing and whining that i have to leave again, badi ma was busy drying my winchi, dad was serving me breakfast and mom was making me tiffin for lunch! After a lot of convincing last night mom had agreed that she wont give me tiffin cos i felt she will have to wake up way too early for that! She was concerned because food from hotels and all doesnt suit me well! But she had agreed that she wont give tiffin! But when i came for half hour she not only gave me breakfast but my tiffin too! I realized it only when she was puting it in my bag! She even checked my wallet to see that i have change left! I know i know i am a spoilt brat but that is not the point! The point here is the unconditional love that the parents have for their children! Its not that i hadnt realized it uptil now but that AV made me thank them even more! My family cannot be thanked with words for what all they do for me! Thats the reason i hugged them just to let them know i love them too!
Never can a child equal up with what parents do for them! There have been innumerable times when i must have talked rudely to my parents just cos i was angry on someone else or even tired for that matter! When i reach home all tired, i sometimes feel irritated to answer what they ask me and shout that am tired, without realising that my dad and mom must be tired too as they both are working! All they need is to talk to their only child! I always try to make it up to them when i realize it and never do they get tired of forgiving me! Where do they get that strength from?? Even once mom does something and i do what not nakhras and nataks and here she is forgiving me for hurting her so many times! Every child is the prince/princess to their parents! But do we treat them like our king and queen?? I would say no, not many times! So here is my chance to apologise again and show to my family that i might not be great at expressing my love but i love you with all my heart and will do it always! I am sorry
for everytime i rudely answered,
when i got irritated when you asked me what i want in tiffin,
when i left angrily just because you forced me to eat more,
when i didnt listen to your warnings of not eating out,
when i troubled you by getting sick,
when i ignored that you are sick,
when i didnt help you,
when you needed to talk but i didnt pay heed…
The list can go on and on, but they would not be tired of forgiving!
Its true that as God cannot be present everywhere and so He made parents! Like every child i too feel i have the mostest bestest parents! 🙂 🙂 .. Thanku God for such a beautiful family!
And nw i remember lines from a song:
‘Mujhko maaf karna Om Sai Ram,
Tujhse pehle lungi Mummy Daddy ka naam’


Touchy Feely..!!

Just like every other girl who has read twilight, i too am truely madly and deeply in love wid Edward..!! Nah, when i say Ed i do not mean Robert Pattinson in anyway! He too is good, but i love the character of Edward from the book! Whenever i hear the song ‘Your Love is My drug’ by Kesha, it just reminds me of Edward! So today i thought to dedicate this song to Edward via my blog!
Here it goes:
Maybe I need some rehab,
Or maybe just need some sleep,
I’ve got a sick obsession,
I’m seeing it in my dreams,
I’m looking down every alley,
I’m making those desperate calls,
Im staying up all night hoping,
Hit my head against the walls..
What you’ve got boy is hard to find,
Think about it all about it all the time,
I’m all strung up, my heart is fried,
I just cant get you off my mind..
Because your love, your love, your love, is my drug,
Your love your love your love
I said your love, your love, your love, is my drug,
Your love your love your love..
Won’t listen to any advice,
mamma’s telling me to think twice,
But left to my own devices i’m addicted its a crisis!
My friends think I’ve gone crazy, my judgment is getting kinda hazy,
My status is gonna be affected if I keep it up like
a love sick crackhead!
But your love your love your love is my drug..!! ❤ ❤


Duh! Seems the tag line of the movie is tailor made for my situation ryt nw! As am writing this post, am completely drenched siting at my ofc desk! Nah nah i hv wrk in ofc but there aint no current so i decided to rant abt my condition! I carry my winchi daily ryt since the first rain of this season! Daily! Bt jst today i decided to leave it at home simply cos it hasnt rained much in days and i thought it was unnecessary baggage! Silly me! How cud i forget that i hate rains and they hate me too so they came down jst when i reached at station! I walk frm station till my office daily! Its at a very short distance so no need for a rick or bus! But it was pouring today and heavily! I thought to wait a little for the rain to slow down! But i had to reach office too! After wasting 20mins at station with no result as rain had no intention to slow down i decided to walk! With many benefits of having office near station it still has many disadvantages too! My office is just as far from station that it is embarrasing to take a rick but far enough for you to be completely drenched when you walk in rain! I walked and even ran and there i was at the office door, completely drenched just to know there is no current! Duh! All this adventure just to sit with all wet clothes and no work (no fan to dry the clothes either)! With all due respect to the ecological importance of rains and to all those people who think about rains being romantic, I HATE RAINS!!! And even better they hate me too! 😦 .. Huh! Cant rains be just as they are in movies, romantic and not murky!
What can i say, SHIT HAPPENS!!
What just struck me is that while waiting at station i didnt admire the beauty which rain brought to the ambience but was just whining all the time that i will be wet, i will be late! Ha! Right now as i stand by the window of my office, i see the beauty the rain brings with it! Makes everything pure and serene! But i notice this just because i had no work! Had i been busy, i would have continued to whine and curse rains! It is sad that we dont find it worthwhile to admire the nature any more! All thanks to the rat race in which the winner will still be a rat! 😛

PS: I just realized that even in this condition i cant take films out of me! 😀 ..

Delhi Belly!

Okay so i was warned by those who had already seen the movie that its nt good to watch it with the opposite sex! However advanced, friendly, comfortable we might be with our friends from opposite sex, it feels right and important to avoid some things (atleast 4 me, true indian girl at heart)! So there i was with my girl gang at the theatre for the much hyped movie! There always is that one friend who is always late, no matter what! Uhh, i hate late comers! After a few tough looks when we were about to enter we were stopped as we din have ID proof! Duh uh, its an ‘A’ rated movie i then realized! Now c’mon, SHIT HAPPENS! Huh! Not our fault ya, we aint used to ‘A’ movies! Somehow we convinced them that we are very much eligible!
So we finally entered our screen and had our seats! It was then i realized that we had made it to movie on time! And by on time i mean i din miss the advertisements and anthem! I hate missing even them! Small pleasures! And the movie began… Whoa! What a laugh riot it is! Must say Aamir being associated with the movie in anyway makes it a lot better! No no am nt taking any credit away from Imran, Vir or the third guy (dunno the name 😛 )! They were all fab! Out and out comedy movie! A lil unrealistic but then its a movie! Just when i thought i know about the behaviour of boys, this movie in some parts is a revelation about the species from mars! Like do they really talk and behave THAT way???!! And yup there are a few not-so-decent and some that-is-yak scenes in there, but funny they were! Hah! And Aamir sir ka performance, dil loot lia sirji! All in all a complete paisa vasool movie!
So that was a fun evening spent with my besties! 🙂