Delhi Belly!

Okay so i was warned by those who had already seen the movie that its nt good to watch it with the opposite sex! However advanced, friendly, comfortable we might be with our friends from opposite sex, it feels right and important to avoid some things (atleast 4 me, true indian girl at heart)! So there i was with my girl gang at the theatre for the much hyped movie! There always is that one friend who is always late, no matter what! Uhh, i hate late comers! After a few tough looks when we were about to enter we were stopped as we din have ID proof! Duh uh, its an ‘A’ rated movie i then realized! Now c’mon, SHIT HAPPENS! Huh! Not our fault ya, we aint used to ‘A’ movies! Somehow we convinced them that we are very much eligible!
So we finally entered our screen and had our seats! It was then i realized that we had made it to movie on time! And by on time i mean i din miss the advertisements and anthem! I hate missing even them! Small pleasures! And the movie began… Whoa! What a laugh riot it is! Must say Aamir being associated with the movie in anyway makes it a lot better! No no am nt taking any credit away from Imran, Vir or the third guy (dunno the name 😛 )! They were all fab! Out and out comedy movie! A lil unrealistic but then its a movie! Just when i thought i know about the behaviour of boys, this movie in some parts is a revelation about the species from mars! Like do they really talk and behave THAT way???!! And yup there are a few not-so-decent and some that-is-yak scenes in there, but funny they were! Hah! And Aamir sir ka performance, dil loot lia sirji! All in all a complete paisa vasool movie!
So that was a fun evening spent with my besties! 🙂


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