Duh! Seems the tag line of the movie is tailor made for my situation ryt nw! As am writing this post, am completely drenched siting at my ofc desk! Nah nah i hv wrk in ofc but there aint no current so i decided to rant abt my condition! I carry my winchi daily ryt since the first rain of this season! Daily! Bt jst today i decided to leave it at home simply cos it hasnt rained much in days and i thought it was unnecessary baggage! Silly me! How cud i forget that i hate rains and they hate me too so they came down jst when i reached at station! I walk frm station till my office daily! Its at a very short distance so no need for a rick or bus! But it was pouring today and heavily! I thought to wait a little for the rain to slow down! But i had to reach office too! After wasting 20mins at station with no result as rain had no intention to slow down i decided to walk! With many benefits of having office near station it still has many disadvantages too! My office is just as far from station that it is embarrasing to take a rick but far enough for you to be completely drenched when you walk in rain! I walked and even ran and there i was at the office door, completely drenched just to know there is no current! Duh! All this adventure just to sit with all wet clothes and no work (no fan to dry the clothes either)! With all due respect to the ecological importance of rains and to all those people who think about rains being romantic, I HATE RAINS!!! And even better they hate me too! 😦 .. Huh! Cant rains be just as they are in movies, romantic and not murky!
What can i say, SHIT HAPPENS!!
What just struck me is that while waiting at station i didnt admire the beauty which rain brought to the ambience but was just whining all the time that i will be wet, i will be late! Ha! Right now as i stand by the window of my office, i see the beauty the rain brings with it! Makes everything pure and serene! But i notice this just because i had no work! Had i been busy, i would have continued to whine and curse rains! It is sad that we dont find it worthwhile to admire the nature any more! All thanks to the rat race in which the winner will still be a rat! 😛

PS: I just realized that even in this condition i cant take films out of me! 😀 ..


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