The Shawshank Redemption!

This movie was released way back in 1994. I was jst 3yrs old then 😀 😀 .. Somehow i happened to watch it yesterday! 
It was suggested to me by a friend! Bless her! 🙂 .. The movie is just way too brilliant! If you are a masala drama freak, this is not the kinda stuff for you! Its a movie about love, friendship, hope, passion, intelligence and 
your inner spirit! 🙂 .. Not a single moment in the movie i was bored! The roles played by Tim Robbins of a banker imprisoned without fault and of Morgan Freeman, a prisoner since 40yrs are superb, almost real! Ace acting! *respect* .. 
Frank Darabont has directed the movie in an enthralling manner, keeps us glued to the screen! And i absolutely loved the character Heywood played by William Sadler, brings the humor factor to the movie! So if you havent yet seen the movie, you sure are missing something very good! 🙂 .. After the movie i truely believe what the tag line says,

‘Fear can hold you prisoner Hope
can set you free’ 🙂


3 thoughts on “The Shawshank Redemption!

  1. This move is very much entertaining and one should watch it at least one time, as this movie is related to love, passion, friendship so this movie is just like a combo pack of all these emotions.

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