Blasts…Birthday gift for Kasab..!!

So its 13 july, 2011!!

17 killed, 200 injured!!

Its my friends birthday!! Had a good day until i reached home after my training! Just as i reached home, was shocked to see mom so tensed! She was like OMG, good you are safe! I told her what was anyway going to happen to me maa, am fine!! Then she told me to go in the living room and check out the news! I did so!! Horrible news i saw! 3 serial blasts in Mumbai!! Mom had been trying to call me and dad for quite sometime! Network crash is just so normal in such situations! I immediately messaged my dad and he replied that he is safe and reaching in sometime! The relief i got is beyond words!! At that precise moment i realized how much i love my dad…not only dad but my entire family! 🙂 🙂 🙂 ..

My heart aches to even think about the condition of the people stuck, injured or died in these blasts!! I have always believed in the theory that never hate the criminal, hate the crime!! But such terrible crimes?? Are they forgivable???? I doubt that!! Whoever is behind all this might not have a heart….how can anyone kill someone just to terrorize others?? Such stuff doesnt seem real to me at all!! Why??? Killing innocent people who have nothing to do with anything…just some sick, sadistic pleasure of seeing Mumbai burn…!! Utter nonsense!! Its monsoon, rains are in full swing in Mumbai which makes things worse!! 😦

What is more shocking that i got to know is that today is Kasab’s birthday!! He is one of the terrorist who was caught alive during 26/11!! Uptil this date there is no decision reached as to how much punishment he should get….whether he should be sentenced to death penalty or no!! Till now India is keeping him all safe and sound in there arrest…that person killed hundreds of people with no shame in his eyes, but to give hima death sentence we might take an eternity..!! Earlier evn i was of the view that its of no use killing him….killing is bad, there will be no difference between them and us then!! But today again many people are killed, many injured! How fair is that?! What is the punishment for such crimes?? Is the punishment by law enough?? Will it change things?? I dont think so…these terrorist dont fear death, how can a person killing people ruthlessly fear anything! Neither do they believe in God i think or they wont hurt fellow humans, no religion permits that! Then what exactly is the motive of all this?? Is it still the Jammu kashmir case that these blasts are for??!! Does it serve any purpose!! Writing this what occurs to me is that me pondering over this is not changing anything at all…all that can be done is in the hands of police and the government! I as a citizen can merely protest and force the authorities to take an action…that too might fade off with time and next year same day there will be a candle march held for peace of souls who died!! Am not against it but something should be done to stop this murder and mayhem!!

Daily when i reach my training i get a call from my mom, daily with a different reason! The actual being to just check if i have reached safely…this is how safe my city, my country is!! This moment i am writing this, next one i would be dead if it blasts in my apartment….anything is possible!! But then we cannot just blame government, prevention of blasts is not a foolproof exercise. handling the aftermath compassionately & wisely, is..!!

At the moment all i can do is pray…

pray for d departed souls,

pray for those injured,

pray for there families,

pray that God blesses these terrorist with some emotions and sensitivity,

pray that such thing never happens again,

pray that my family is safe everyday,

pray that i get the strength to make the difference,

pray that humanity prevails!!

I just can keep my fingers crossed that situation will only improve from now on… we all need to HOPE, it will help us all come together and fight the wrong! 🙂 🙂


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