Mistaken Spirit..!!

A lot is being talked about the bomb blasts in Mumbai on 13 july, 2011!! Numerous speculations, facts none! Its just two days after that and life is back to normal….everyone has resumed work, class and mumbai is back to being busy! Those who havnt yet recovered are the people who got injured and their families and the families of the people who died…these are the people who will never ever forget it!! But then for how long can they cry over it, in few days even they will be back to their work! Is that what we call ‘Mumbaiya Spirit’?!
What i wonder is do we really have a choice?? A choice other than moving on?? Does people resuming work mean that they have this spirit in them to fight back and are fearless?!
No! ‘Spirit of Mumbai’ has a lot to do with Livelihood! People have to work to provide for their families, but inside they are ANGRY and HURT..!! What choice do we have with all this competition and fast life around!! As they say the show must go on!!! The real spirit or humanity was evident at the time of blasts, mumbai was very well in handling its aftermath! But then just because we are tolerant doesnt mean that anyone can come and attack us! How many lives does Mumbai have? Nine? Oh good! We still have a couple more left! Oops! I forgot. We are sitting ducks, not cats!! If we elect people who’ve constantly let us down, if we continue on our path of selfish apathy (aka “resilience”), this is our fault that all this has happened! Also anger, frustration and helplessness is NOT the answer! Will killing kasab do any good, i wonder! If thought logically he is only link we have to the master minds behind 2008 blasts, so he dying is of no use! He is just a pawn! Right now it is important to be cautious with the things around and not just for few days but everytime, please people dont let this fade! Prayers for all! 🙂 🙂

Food for thought:
We need to take a good long look at ourselves and see if the much used word “humanity” is justified at all when we refer to homo sapiens.


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