My munchkin…..sweetest!

My mom is a school teacher and she gives tutions too. Primary school students. So every evening few of them come at my place for tutions. I am not usually home in evening, bt whenever i am i make sure i spend loads and loads of time with kids! So adorable! They are so innocent and keen observers! Always amazes me! I would love to relate one of the instance:
I was in living room watching cricket. MSD and Yuvi were batting. My lil munchkins (one of mom’s cutest student whom i cal munchkins) walks in room.
Munchkins: Di, what r u dng?
Me: Watching the match doll!
Munchkins: Oh is that MSD batting?
Me: Ya, u knw him?
Munchkins: Ya, dad watches match all d time. Can i ask something?
Me: Sure, go on!
Munchkins: MSD is a boy na?
Me: Ofcourse (shocked). Y do u doubt?
Munchkins: No. I am confused. He looks like a boy and they write his name as MSD (she read it as Ms. D)
Me: Hahahaha! Its not Ms. D doll, its a short form for his name Mahendra Singh Dhoni.
Munchkins: Oh, they should not use it. Its confusing.
Me: Sure (hugs and kisses munchkins) !!
So adorable d kids are! Aww! Pure innocence! šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚


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