Start of something new! :) :)

Lately i have realized that i get irritated very easily…something little irritating happens and my temper rises. Though i realize it quickly and control it, but its something i am not liking at all! Like for instance while commuting in train a little pushing in hustle and bustle is only normal to happen…so the other day a lady kinda pushed me and i rudely told her to balance herself! I was very badly embarrassed at my behavior…i should have understood that its peak hour and not reacted like that, i should have given her a smile which says i understand and i usually do exactly that but off late i just cant control my irritation! 😦 😦 ..
But then now that i have realized it, i want to control it…its just not me, i never shout at people for little things!! I love greeting people with genuine smile and helping people around to make them happy…it makes me happy! So its high time that i start being me again! All the people around are a little irritated for something or the other…an employee cos there boss shouted at them, someone cos they fought with there loved ones, a student cos he/she is getting late, a housewife cos she has lots of work to attend, a child cos he/she didnt get a chocolate…and that irritation comes out at a slightest provocation by anyone!! So its not good when rudeness is answered with rudeness! It only increases negativity and results in a bad day for the people involved! Instead if someone just calmly and sweetly accepts the blame (even if they are innocent) in petty arguments, life would be so much more peaceful and happy!!
That is what i have always believed in…and that has been my approach (except for last few days)! So from tomorrow onwards i will try and be calm and sweet! For me it will be the Start of something new…..rather old quality retained! 🙂
Hmm…i would also like to mention a beautiful instant that portrayed humanity in the best way possible…i travel by a seat rick daily…and it takes Rs.10! On a particular day i didnt have change…and neither did d rick driver! And to top my good luck, all d shops were closed as it was afternoon time and there was no where i could get the change from!! Besides the other people in rick didnt have change of 100Rs either! One uncle told me that he doesnt have change of 100Rs but he will pay my share to rick driver as he had sufficient change for paying two seats! I could not believe that such sweet and helping people are still around! I thanked him a lot (so much that am sure he thought i over reacted)! How sweet was his gesture! I was happy all throughout the day! Just could not stop smiling!! And even now when i think about it…it just makes me so happy! 🙂 🙂 🙂
He is my motivation…if i was so happy after a small gesture of his, others will be happy too if i behave nicely with them! And i love to see people happy! 🙂 🙂


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