The Vampire Diaries

I have finally completed watching season one of this television series based on novels written by L. J. Smith! I have not read the novels as yet and i know its pretty lame that i finished watching it now since it ended quite ago! Bah! Better late than never! So its a show which is basically supernatural drama and horror (Oh, how i love fiction!) !! Its on vampires as d name suggests and is a love story! I love ‘love stories’ and i love vampires, a total heavenly bliss it is for me! Its a love triangle between a gal and two vampire boys!
Elena – played by Nina Dobrev (female lead, a human girl who loves stefen)
Stefen – played by Paul Wesly (male lead, good veggie vampire, loves elena)
Damon – played by Ian Somerhalder (male lead, bad vampire, loved katherine and nw elena)
Katherine – played by Nina Dobrev (Double role, bitchy and bad vampire)!
So the story involves love saga between elena and stefen! Damon is bad vampire but good with elena and elena considers him a friend! Katherine is a vampire who loved both damon and stefen in past! Story involves many other interesting characters! Very enthralling! After i used to complete one episode a day, I could not wait till i get time for the next episode to start! As it is i already love vampires, so the review is little biased! Season one has ended with a twisting end! Cant wait to start with season two! I would obviously want stefen and elena to be together but damon is irresistable! Mwa! Ian somerhalder portrays it the best! Oh i love him! Paul portrays stefen perfectly bt damon brings the umph factor and all the drama! Wow! So people who have not yet seen, do watch it! 🙂 🙂


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