Facebook…our new best friend?!

Okay, so whats d big deal with the hype of these social networking sites? I mean nowadays why do i find people busy exploring a cool fb status to get numerous likes or trying to be humourous within the 140 character limit on twitter for the various retweets! Bah! Is it a balm to massage there ever boosting egos?! *rolls eyes*
The basic motive behind any social site is to keep in touch with far away friends/relatives and letting them know about the on goings in our lives, share our happiness with them and not to get to know a neighbour via facebook! I mean dude i stay next door, drop in and say hi why the hell are you messaging me on facebook? Is it so that i look at your oh-so-creatively-photoshopped profile picture and you get one more ‘like’ on that?!
People go on vacations and update the photos, cool! Nothing wrong with that at all! But it gets real time weird when photos are clicked just to appear cool on facebook! Playing with the baby you have just met aint important, its important to take the baby’s pic and upload on fb to tell the virtual world that you find that baby cute! As if the baby cares about the attention on facebook! Or if you find a stray dog injured or ill, you wont take him to a vet (c’mon taking an injured dog to a hospital, who does that) but you would take his pic and upload it to tell everyone how much you sympathize with that poor creature (aww thats the most logical thing to do)! Obviously even if the dog dies, he will die a peaceful death as you made him oh-so-famous! And a note for all the guys, please stop liking everything that a ‘girl you like’ does on facebook, find a more manly way to express! I wont be shocked if a girl uploads a pic of a spoon and it has minimum 30likes, as if that’s the spoon Gandhiji used (that is if he used one)! Duh uh!
And God give me strength to control my outburst on numerous and silly status updates! How can any sane person update ‘having Maggi’?! Are you aishwarya rai or shahrukh khan that people will be interested in what you eat? (no, am not interested in they eating Maggi either but at least they are famous and have earned the right to stupidity).
It irritates me to no end when a friend sitting right besides us surfs facebook on cell rather than talking to his/her friends! Is the virtual world really so interesting, i wonder! 😦


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