Badalte Rishte!

Its been time that i have been pondering over the fact that why are people around so damn two faced?! One moment they are cursing someone behind there back and the other moment i find them talking to the same person sweetly! Why dont they try acting in movies? I mean India sure would get some oscars, atleast something productive will be achieved from such horrendous behaviour! I am not bothered about why are people behaving so, nah! (my botheration means nothing to them, so why bother bothering?) I just wonder sometimes, what about people who are sweet and friendly to me? I mean there are some acquaintances who are always sweet and caring! I wonder if they mean it or just need a favor from me!
Stating this musing of mine, what came next was why am i being so cynical and pessimist? I mean if i think like that for every person i meet, how will i thrive! How can i make new friends if thats the thought i meet people with! So if i sum it all up, even having a friend now is as good as a gamble! Go on take risk, mind you the risk involved in here is the risk of being hurt, risk that your trust will be misused, risk that you will be cheated, risk that you might end up being a complete loser! But if the gamble works fine, you might have a friend for life!
So how many are ready to take it? I know i am! 🙂 🙂


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