Chain se sona hai toh jaag jao!!

This famous line is dhaapofied from the news show Sansani! The way the anchor says it, scared the hell outta me when i first heard it but now I find it amusing! Anyway my point is that this line suits our Indian scenario a lot! Its said that ‘be the change you want to see’…One good man is trying to be the change we all wish for 🙂 .. Indeed am talking about Anna Hazare! That man has ignited a fire which we Indians have to make sure is not extinguished until the purpose is achieved…the purpose that we live in a corruption free India! The purpose
that in future no parent can bribe to get their child pass,
that when caught breaking rules, proper fine is paid,
when someone commits a crime he/she is punished,
money reaches to the person it is entitled for,
no work should involve bribe and so on.. Now all this wont be achieved just by passing of Jan Lokpal bill! That my friends is just a start, its proper and efficient execution would be the real test! The Government of India today is the most corrupt Government we have ever had! Apart from being corrupt it’s also very slow….whatever happens, the Government’s reaction is always the last thing to come! We can take example of latest bomb blasts, Government’s reaction was late, meek and lame! Even the special squad from Delhi reached 14hrs after the incident! What clues will they get so late?? What has been done in that case?? My point to take this example was to show that the Government’s late reaction was not because it was taking actions! No, they are plain scared! Scared because they have no answers…scared because they never force the intelligence to work faster, all they do is fill their pockets! What amuses me is mostly the politicians are old, what the hell do they need so much money for? 😛 … One more point proving that current Indian Government is nothing but useless is that all the latest scams have been brought into light by the Supreme Court and not by Government!
And all the people who are out there who are trying to find corrupt things done by Anna Hazare, get a life! Before pointing at him look at your own self, am sure we are more corrupt than him! We are corrupt
if we listen pirated music,
read pirated novels,
break traffic rules,
bribe to get work done faster,
if we travel without tickets!
And if you have done that, you are as corrupt my friend! There are places where even if we don’t want to we just have to pay the bribe (yes, been there done that)! But how about taking a few people there and then demanding the work be done, sounds cool!
By no means am I saying Anna has done no act of corruption, am just saying that even if he has then after successful implementation of the bill even he wont be able to do it! Support the CAUSE at least if you don’t support ANNA!
The rallies conducted, candle marches done and shouting on camera isn’t enough! That will create awareness, but what next?? What when the Government is pressurized and the bill is passed? Will the battle be over? No, not at all! What if even the officials in charge of its execution are bribed or for that matter blackmailed or threatened? What then?? This ghost of corruption lies within us! We have to take an oath that we wont use any corrupt means to lead our life, and when every Indian tries to achieve that its then that we can say half the battle is won! 🙂
Lastly its important to state that ‘koi desh perfect nahi hota, usse perfect banana padta hai’ 🙂


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