For all non indian readers its hindi word for reputation (I know I don’t have any non indian readers :P)…I just got intrigued by what exactly does mean when one says “they have got a certain reputation”, “I got a rept to protect”, “Dude, this wont suit my reputation” or “how dare you insult me?”, “you have hurt my reputation by doing that!”… Baahhh!! Kitna rept rept we all do, what exactly is this reputation?? Goodwill?? Or even Badwill for that matter!! 😛 I mean the real meaning of reputation is realized only when someone insults us…naa?? 😛 Now it was only the other day that we friends decided to celebrate something and then a friend of mine did something which made me feel hurt…I felt like for her am nothing!! I don’t think I felt my reputation was affected….I was just plainly hurt! But when I told my bestie about it, she told me that it was an insult! That is when I thought what exactly is reputation and when do we feel insulted?? 😐 .. Is it when a teacher scolds a student in front of class?? Isnt it because she cares and wants to correct us and ya you’ve got to agree that the student is at fault most of the times 😛 .. or is it when you dress a little subtle for a party as compared to your friends?? .. now how does it matter if you are comfortable 😛 (but it should not be totally different from the theme, warna kachra hona hi hai boss 😀 ) .. or our so-called reputation is affected when someone goes to a party of friends with parents?? .. They have given birth to us, what’s to feel ashamed in it! 😛 .. I find all these as utterly baseless Things! Something we should let go and not bother about…I know its easy to say…and yes even I get angry and feel bad when something like that happens but i recover as quickly! I am sure that all these little things affect us, hurt us! But not our reputation, we get hurt because our EGO is hurt!!! Everything that happens around seems pleasing only when it acts like a balm to massage our egos….and the moment it hurts our ego, it hurts us! Its natural…happens with everyone…no issues with that! What i don’t get is that why do we mistake it for our reputation? 😛 Or am i wrong and these are synonyms?? For me someone’s reputation is hurt when they are purposely degraded by others and they allow it, when they don’t behave in a civil way, when they litter on road, when they abuse someone, when they treat people at lower designation badly, when they are mean, arrogant, stringent, rude…and so on! Reputation is something which is built by good values and through success!! Reputation earned by success is not lost when one fails….because traits of that person are still intact, they just were not used aptly! Reputation just gets a little dim by failure and shines brightly when one achieves the targets again! But when a person loses its values, the reputation is lost! And it takes a lot of time to rebuilt it! What is amusing is when people think that they were insulted and the issue actually is so laughable!! Considering being served late at a party an insult is so stupid! And on the contrary eating something and throwing the waste on road, rail tracks is so so so BAD and people don’t feel ashamed at that…haddd hai yaar!! The thing which directly depicts your faulty upbringing is not insulting but something that makes you less presentable is insulting..!! Wow..just shows that we are so self-centered and egocentric people…with no care or love for anyone but ourselves! 😦 😦


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