To that special person in my life..!!

To that special person,
who makes sure I give her a full update of my day,
who is ready to cook for me late at night when my mom is asleep,
who never gets tired of waking me up in morning how much ever time i take,
who always patches up and makes the first move even when its my fault,
who watches Roadies with me even though she doesn’t like it just to see me happy,
who gives me my pocket-money and the extra amount I need,
who knows all my friends and loves them,
who watches cookery shows just to make tasty meals for me,
who loves suggesting and helping me out in getting dressed,
who never scolds me that i cant cook,
who calls me when am late to reach home even by 10 minutes,
who tells me about all the new movie reviews,
who is my grammar teacher,
who is my latest trend and technology student,
who loves imitating funny dialogues from daily soaps,
who makes me watch almost every daily soap with her,
to whom I crib about anyone and everyone,
who is always patient with me always,
who I have hurt many times,
Who is my motivator,
who shouts in a loving way,
who cares the most for me,
who is the bestest and closest to me,
to my loving, clever, sweet, caring and the most gorgeous DADI (Granny), I love you! πŸ™‚


9 thoughts on “To that special person in my life..!!

  1. wen i read d name of d post i actly gt curious πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ n by readng 1st 2 lines of d post i guessed it dat its abt our lovely badi maa..ek dum mashtttt <333

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