Time to let go..!!

I forgive people very quickly. Like may be even in a snap. Cant be angry for too much time. Mainly because I am reckless. I trigger the anger in others a little too often and so I realize that no person will harm the other person on purpose and forgive easily. Yeah. But my point here aint that. Forgiving is one thing and forgetting the other. I forgive but don’t forget. Now please don’t think am some snotty psychotic bitch who remembers it for a revenge or something. Uhh, no. I don’t even remind anyone or bring it up unless important. I just can’t forget. Its there, buried deep in my heart, all of it!! And when something happens which brings up all lost memories (not lost in my case), I feel the hurt all over again! I am perfectly normal with that person, love them just as I did before. No grudges at all. And having these instances stuck in my heart makes me feel am betraying them, faking it all (which is so not true)! When I have no hard feelings, why are these ghosts hovering around in my heart?! I have always believed that losing an argument is far better than losing a person, then why the hell does that argument stay with me?! Why do I hold on to it? Is it just me or it happens with everyone?? My heart is full with many such instances and i have no grudges against anyone at all! Most of the time these instances help me in self introspection as to where and what went wrong…and I end up finding my faults! I mean if I was lied to then that’s because I wasnt worthy of the truth! But there is only so much a heart can take..!! And it’s about time I clear my heart of all past ghosts! Its time to let go..!! Let go of things that happened, relations which were not meant to be, people who dont want me, thoughts that do nothing but hurt!! Only thing is I don’t know how do I do that! So I will do what I know, PRAY!! Pray to God that please help me get over all things and have a pure heart with nothing but LOVE! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Time to let go..!!

  1. hmmm..forgive n forget 2 different things..n d later 1 is too difficult in my case..;) bt sumtyms i remember it for revenge also..snotty psychotic BITCH..:D

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