Love or fear?!

I have time and again said that for me my parents are above anything, next to God! It’s easy for me to say that it’s because of them I am the person I am today… And by that I mean all my good habits, values and ethics are inherited in me because of them! But that does not imply that the bad habits in me (which are numerous) are because of them. No way!!! They are the gift by God for all the times I didn’t pay heed to what my parents are suggesting me.. Hmm! I mean which parent would want their child to be bad?! None. All this just proves how difficult parenting is! And in this modern world even more so.
Earlier it was a lot more controlled I hear.. Am sure there is no one who hasn’t heard their parents say ‘when we were your age’ saga.. I am no exception!! My mom keeps on saying ‘nana was so strict with us, you would never dare talk in front of him forget arguing’ (nana : my maternal grandfather). I can only say that when my parents were kids they were brought up in a ruled, strict and disciplined environment.. But times have changed and how! The other day I read an article which said that a small girl took her mom to court complaining about her mom being strict with her. I was like WHAT?! How can that be?? And icing on the cake is that the court took the decision in daughters favor! Sigh!!!!
Moreover the article had the expert views which said that the parents must deal with their kids with patience and love! All this time I believed kids fear their parents and now I find it’s the other way round.. Haddd hai ji!!! I don’t say that parents should be strict, no! Am all for understanding between children and their parents but kids today taking even a single advice from their parents as offensive is just not acceptable! Here I would like to state a very real case of my friend.. A friend who when was in India never valued the Indian traditions and regulations his parents imposed on him.. And now when he is out there in London there is not a day he spends without missing them. As per him out there no one cares if we have eaten well or not, studied or not, no one cares how their day was, if something is bothering them. People there just don’t give a damn! The things that we find suffocating are the ones that we need the most but don’t realize it..
It’s not like I have agreed and accepted to all that my parents say or that they agree to whatever I say. Nah. I too argue with my parents but then I don’t mind they shouting at me either. I believe in making them understand my point of view and sure enough my parents always give of that chance!
So I guess my thought process comes down to the conclusion that all it needs is the understanding.. Understanding in parents that each generation is changing and accepting the new trends and fashions and the understanding in kids that their parents love them and care for them and all they do is because they want to protect them from all dangers..
India is famous for its values and culture and i would end this post with a prayer that the coming generations don’t get so obsessed with the western culture that we end up being like them..


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