Sad but true!!!

Some hard-hitting facts..
In this world of Facebook Relationships where u make friends on request, it’s very confusing to maintain a true relation…
where is the heart to heart talk when even the next door neighbor meets you only via twitter, where meeting your virtual friends is as important as meeting the real ones..
We prefer cup noodles more than the yummy paranthas because they are quicker..
Today where the essence of love is instantly decided by Emotional Atyachar n Axe your Ex, it’s very baffling 2 decide what True Love is… Or for that matter does true love even exists or it’s all about infatuation?? How can someone even think of avenging someone whom they loved?? Wasnt love about sacrificing, seeing your lover happy?! Guess these are just my delusions..!!
In earlier days, people didn’t even meet before marriages and yet they have had superb lives and successful marriages but now numerous love marriages end up with divorces, why?? Because people hurry into it way too easily or do people consider options even when in love or because feelings is just a word these days??..
Earlier lovers hardly talked to each other yet they experienced Eternal Love whereas today we spend countless sleepless nights talking/texting to each other yet finally end up wid BREAK UPS. What would be the reason for this, shouldnt closeness make the bond stronger??..
Its like the more closer we come, the farther we go.. 21st century is full of reality shows with nothing REAL in it, Too many well designed houses yet BROKEN HOMES, Beautiful faces yet UGLIEST HEARTS..
Its full of Smart people, brilliant minds, ambiguous diplomats yet lack the common touch of HUMANITY… Here SaunaBELT is more affordable than early morning walk, a one line message is easier than a personal presence on special occasions… I feel most heartbroken to say that it’s all become hell lot materialistic!! 😦 😦 😦 😦 But then again who cares if am sad….people around are so busy with their own whims and fancies that they try to stay out of other people’s problems…exactly opposite to ancient times where problem of mother’s brother’s friends’ mom also seemed personal… Today we just send text messages about everything.. daughters Day, text message.. Independence day, text message.. Aunty’s dad’s brothers’ toes surgery day, text message.. Bah!!
We are all Girls and Boys or Men n Women for that matter but when will we become HUMAN??


2 thoughts on “Sad but true!!!

  1. ahhh…so true n tats wat exactly i feel…everything is jst so materialistic!!!! i vividly remember wat i gud frnd shreya told me a couple of months back when i met her at her home….lets start wid basic relationship of frndship (ma fav topic to debate)..she was of the view tat as an wen we move on the ppl we meet become our besties …gone are days wen we had a single best frnd durin each stage of our a days we meet ppl sumwhere fr example ofc,online request then we suddenly find tat we dnt hav time for our old frnds…we then start textin our old buddies busy in ofc,we dnt hav time to text..thank god i still hav some traditional frnds who dont belive in all such things the point is ppl hav so very selfish n materialistic tat findin a geninue frnd is next to impossible…sabse kaam ke liya baat karna hai….yeh kaam hai to “x” frnd,yeh kaam hai to “y” frnd…now i come to reality shows…hot topic to debate i dnt watch these shows bt i happened to c a couple of shows …in both the episode gal was being tested fr loyalty( i hav nthin against ma loyal female frnds)..on both occasions gal failed the test n the reason she gav to undercover agent tat he is very rich n matched the dream guy she wanted….the underlyin fact is do we need such reality shows?? no ..this shows tat now a days thr is a huge trust deficit!!! which is not a gud sign!!! wat is use of having ” n ” number of degrees wen we lack the basic touch of humanity…jst around 4 months back 1 of ma clse frnd told me wen the person had stop being in touch i had asked tat person wats the problem person told me ” ma life cannot jst evolve around u,i talk wid others n text others coz these so cald “others” are now a priority reason :they belong to ma profession are much more networkin and important n helpful to me..this shows how short term goals can change a person so much…

    • i agree to you … but i also believe that not all are like that .. since you are against it m sure you are not one of dose materialistic frnds… and even i am not .. well atleast i try .. so lets not generalize .. 🙂 🙂 .. and i loved the line deficit of truth .. completely true!!! And well every frnds can get a bit odd sometimes..!! But then har ek frnd zaruri hota hai .. hehe 🙂

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