Har local ab Ek Chalis Ki Last Local!!!

Its high time someone must come up with a movie or a book on experiences of travelling in trains of Mumbai during the rush hours.. Its becoming ugly, tedious and a danger to life experience with each passing day.. It does seem a victory catching the train you were scheduled for, well at least to me it does. It’s like a mission you know. Mission reach office and mission reach home in one piece (it’s a modern mission, fancy clothes are allowed). There have been days I have missed five or six trains because I could not get in them. And mind you the train which I got after missing those was so damn full that I could barely move after getting in.. As my friend puts it, need a compressor better than winrar? Try Mumbai trains. Earlier this was the issue with only peak hours, as in the time when people usually go or return from office but now not only have the peak hours increased but even during the rest of the day trains are full.. Meri toh samajh nahi aata, how can every train be equally filled like a glass of water filled till brim with no place even for a drop more. That’s exactly the situation! Now once I saw one lady slapping the other while she was getting down and later got to know that they had had a little squabble in train. Yes women can also resort to physical harms. And there was this other time that after I got in I was told that a particular lady wasn’t allowed to get down by another lady because she didn’t give her seat. Yeah its a true story.
And that’s just about getting in the chuk chuk, picture abhi baki hai mere dost or for that matter ye toh sirf trailer tha! All the victorious feeling you get on being able to catch the train goes wooof in the air when you get a stamp on your feet with six-inch heel of girl adjacent to you or when a punch lands (mind you it can land anywhere) on you gifted by the lady ahead of you (people travelling in virar local or khopoli local would know exactly what am talking of.. And just as you are about to confront to the concerned person about the deadly injury you just survived you will be faced with either of the three situations:
1. They will make an apologetic face, say sorry and blame it on rush (which is true unless of course somewhere sometime in some train you must have done the same with them unknowingly and they remember it)
2. You will be ignored like that stamp or punch never happened (and trust me its better to keep it that way)
3. This one is the most dangerous one I believe where they will shout at you for not standing in a correct way and getting hit.
There can also be times (you know when stars are against you) where you would accidentally hurt someone.. God save you if that lady has had the bad day at work. No matter how much you apologise they will shout so much that there is a possibility you might even have its repeat Telecast in your dreams at night and wake up apologizing.. And if you are young and she is middle-aged or old aged phir toh gaye boss, puri ki puri generation ko gaali padegi.. Now along with this non stop and ever-so-dramatic scene you don’t have to lose your focus from your mission, to get in the compartment at a safe distance before the next station comes or you will be pushed out of train even if that’s not your destination.. Beech mein khadde ho ye toh khun karne ke barabar hai saza toh nischit hai.. So once you get in and find a place to stand, next task is to ask for seats which is a peaceful task unless the poor lady sitting gets confused and allots her seat to two ladies by mistake.. Those two will fight for their seats as if fighting for a man and each of them claiming to be the wife (seat and man both just have to listen when a lady talks).. There are old ladies, pregnant women travelling along with us but not many would give up their seat for them.. Its like some people travel leaving behind their humanity. Now there are many ways you can kill the time in train.. Look around and observe people, read, text, talk on phone or listen to music but if you are immersed into your book or phone and you lose your balance, you are in for a full on gyaan on how bad a person you are..
But still there is a reason we call it the lifeline of Mumbai. It’s through these local trains that lakhs of people go and earn their livelihood.. You never know the problems a person is going through to judge them. Some had a fight with their spouse before heading to work, some didn’t have a good day at work and well some are just born that way to behave badly. But apart from these people there are other people you meet and some become your friends for life. Mostly all have a particular train time set to travel and travelling daily with same people helps us to get good friends. And no age bar to that. An aunt of your grandma’s age can be your friend too, that’s the beauty of it. So it’s not all that bad you know and all these experiences teach you a lot. Except when you reach home and every part of your body is screaming for help because they were brutally kicked and punched in train.. Uhh.. Horrifying..


6 thoughts on “Har local ab Ek Chalis Ki Last Local!!!

  1. true!!! thr was a time when travellin from vidyavihar to dadar was a cake walk…around 10.30 am trains were half empty at kurla now a days is worse even grttin into the train tat too in first class seems difficult…situation is worse on western railway whr most of the tymes i m on audit work..2 years ago i used to travell in 2nd class..ma idea was i m going reverse side durin peak hours so trains would be empty bt even tat has changed now…catchin a virar train around 11 am is like catchin a virar train during peak hours..uff..

  2. aahahahahaha…each n evry part/incident is sooo true! As u said it has nw bcum dangerous n horrifyng bt trust me wen i was readng dis i was jst laughing..cuz even i hav experience it al (remembr hav expi 2gthr also)..n remembrng al dat it jst left me wid a big smile sply wen u mentioned dat sum bcum ur frnd too whch can b of ur grandma’s age 🙂 at d end of al i stil love traveling sply by trains :)))

  3. Omg..!!! I second your thoughts….the mumbai local experiences are so great…the book would be a bestseller…topping the charts…!!!!

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