Choosing sides..

Even as I start writing on this topic, hundreds of thoughts come rushing down in my mind conflicting with each other! It’s a difficult task as per me….choosing sides!!! It’s so tough to decide which side is right and which is not! Forget that, even when I know what is right and what is wrong I find it difficult to decide which side to pick.. Now if the choice is to go to a movie starring your favorite actor or to attend class I do know what is right but the wrong side is so luring.. This confusion when I know what is right, what when I don’t know what is right or to me both sides are right?? There comes a time when our mind fails to judge what should be done.. Decisions when no matter what side you choose you are at complete loss (choosing a side when your best friends argue) or when the choice is benefiting on both sides but it can’t be decided which side do we want more (spending time with friends or with family).. One of my friend does a thing which I find quite interesting. He tosses the coin to decide.. In both above cases its very hard for us to decide and so letting destiny make the choice is sometimes a very right thing to do. Whether it works or not, I am yet to try it. To me it sounds like asking God for help and I deeply believe He won’t make the wrong choice for us.. But is tossing coin a solution to all the problems? Can all the things be left to destiny? Won’t that be too much (reminds me of the movie serendipity. I still feel the movie exaggerated the whole destiny thing a little too much).. There are also times when we have a choice. Yes when we do have a chosen side in our mind. But we know that making that choice in real will hurt many people. So what do we do? One hypothetical example can be from the movie Hum Aapke Hain Kaun (filmy me, can’t help it). I am talking about Prem and Nisha choosing their duty over love. Can that be done in real? Are the people of this alleged ‘kalyug’ as selfless? I guess not. Choosing a side of a good career opportunity away from your family or to choose being with them and settle down for a lower career option? That’s a tough one. There always will be that opportunity cost you will regret. What does one do in such situations? In most situations it’s a choice between head and heart. And it’s not entirely on us what we choose. The choice will be influenced by our circumstances, expectations, mindset and other such factors. At the end it’s just subjective. But the condition of the person choosing sides is not easy is what I have learnt lately and am going to keep it as a lesson for life. And yeah making a less correct (I wont say bad) choice doesn’t make a person bad! 🙂 🙂 🙂


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