A sweet lesson…!!!

Last week I was a lot at home which is a quite rare phenomena, not only for me but also my family and neighbours. I was constantly questioned about why am I home, as if I wasn’t at my own home but staying somewhere illegally. Well that’s another story for some other day. Right now I want to share a very sweet experience. I was a little ill last week and was a lot pampered by everyone. My cute little baby neighbour ‘K’ who is in fifth grade came to meet me and well outshined me with his… Read the post, you’ll know..
K: Hi Di. How are you?
Me: Am better today K. Just in little pain.
K: You are very weak. Look at me, I fall so many times but i don’t cry like you.
Me: I wasn’t crying K. But ya you toh are strongest my boy.
K: I know. Di, can I ask you a question?
Now let me tell you all, I am K’s regular target. He tries all his jokes, tricks, riddles which he learns at school or from friends at me. He loves making me feel stupid and himself a lot smarter. Bah..
Me: *all set for insult* yeah sure baby. Ask ask.
K: Umm.. Tell me that one person who doesn’t have holiday on Sunday.
Me: K, there are many such people. But lets say hotel owners. They are not closed on Sunday.
K: Di, no! That is so wrong. Having a hotel is not a job. It’s a business. And i am talking about people doing job. Business people toh have to work all days na.
There went my ego crashing down on being told something so obvious by a fifth grader.
Me: Oh ya. Well you didn’t specify dear. So.. Anyway what’s the answer. (it was not like I didn’t have any more guesses but well I just wanted all this to end without further humiliation :P)
K: So you lose?
Me: Ya fine. What’s the answer?
K: Mummy.
Me: You don’t know the answer? Why are you calling your mom?
K: No. That’s the answer. Mom doesn’t have holiday on Sunday.
Trust me, I was dumbfounded. I literally was staring at him for full two minutes for stating something so simple yet such an important and ignored fact in a way that it felt almost obvious. He actually believed that it was the most simple question he has ever asked me.
Me: Wow. That is a very good thought K. Who taught you that?
K: I am smart (he never tells me the source. He thinks it’s very matured to keep it a secret). Bye Di. I have to go play now.
Me: hmm.. Bye K.
Now wasn’t it something that we all have forgotten that my sweet K feels is so obvious. There is not a day that any mom ever takes a break from being a mom. Cooking, cleaning, managing home etc etc etc. She does it all. And we (well I at least) never value it as it must be. Come to think of it, i won’t make through the day without my mom. Even the thought of her absence brings me chills. And if you too feel the same, abhi ke abhi apni mom ko bolo that you love her and that she is the best in the world. From my side too. Here is to all the sweet and sexy mom’s without whom we are just nothing. I love you mom 🙂 🙂 🙂


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