Baa Dum Dum Dush!!!!!

Happy Diwali everyone:-) 🙂
It’s so wonderful na the way we have so many Gods in our Indian culture and each God is worshiped in its own unique way. Diwali is celebrated in India because the great lord Rama returned home after completing banvas. But do the kids today know about this? I mean all they know is that on Diwali they have to wear new clothes, party and yeah burst the crackers. What about knowing the culture and its importance? Is anyone interested in that at all? Not knowing culture and just enjoying for the sake of it can still be tolerated but bursting crackers and causing so many problems. Sound pollution, noise pollution and the mere fact that those crackers are made in a factory where small kids are made to work is so disturbing that each time someone lights a cracker I feel like stabbing that person with the knife. Huh. Anyway this post is to share two things. Tragedy and hope.
I think I will go with the tragedy first.
This was the incident narrated to me by a professor. He told that the kids in his area got crackers worth rupees fifteen thousand. Imagine. Rupees fifteen thousand to bloody see the fire flames? Err. But that is not that big a tragedy that am talking about. One of the kid was moving back after lighting the cracker on a usually quiet road where there are not many vehicles moving. But as he was moving back he got hit by a two-wheeler. And he is seriously injured. I mean who exactly is at fault? The kid who wanted to enjoy? The driver who was just going his way? Or the parents to recklessly allowed their kids? Whoever at fault, the harm done is just too gross.
Now lets move on to the hope part..
K had come to greet me for Diwali and I had the most lovely conversation with him.
K: Di, Happy Diwali.
Me: A very Happy Diwali. You look handsome K. Lovely outfit.
K: Thankyou Di. Its my own choice. And now am going for dinner with family.
Me: That is nice. And tell me you must have got lots of crackers na?
K: No. I did not.
Me: oh. Why K? Going to get them now?
K: No Di. I am not going to buy it this year.
Me: *shocked* why?
K: Di. You had explained me last year giving many reasons. But I liked one of them the most and thought about that and didn’t buy.
Me: Which one?
K: I should not waste the money just to see the flames. I can see them when others light it. They anyway won’t stop lighting. So why waste my dad’s money.
Me: That is awesome K. Listen to me now, I am very very proud of you baby. Let me tell you that you are also helping little kids when you don’t buy crackers.
K: How is that?
Me: They make children of your age work in factory of crackers. That is not good na. You enjoy and they slog.
K: That is very bad Di. But can I ask something?
Me: ya sure.
K: Those kids earn by working there?
Me: Ya. But why?
K: If I don’t buy crackers then the factory will be closed then how will those kids earn? What will they eat?
Me: *shocked again* K, there must be some way. And tell me when you are studying why do you want them to work and earn? They should study too na?
K: My dad has money, so I study. How will they?
At this moment, K’s mom called him. And he ran away.
Trust me, I thanked God that he went. I mean I had no answer to that question of his. Neither could I tell such a small kid that its their parents that make them work there so that they can live, drink and survive. I couldn’t have burdened my little boy with all that. But seriously what is the solution? How can this endless vicious circle of poverty which is resulting in so many problems? I am here using my laptop to blog about the problem those poor little kids face but what they feel is known only to them. They probably don’t even know what fun is. I don’t think I will be able to drag this depressing thought further. Time to get into action and stop this.
But HOW??!!


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