Whoa!! The day comes just once in every 100 years…so lucky to be witnessing the date..!! Hope it brings and luck and success to every one.. 🙂 🙂 🙂 And now for the people who think this is just another day, get a life!! Its said that it is auspicious to wish on 11:11 am and 11:11 pm…wishing at that time, the probability that your wish will be fulfilled increases. It is the superstition that comes from it being the only time of day that all of the numbers on a digital clock are the same. Besides why bother about its rationality?? Is it that everything has to be rational?? Isn’t it denying the existence of a supreme magical power high above us?? More than anything, 11:11 for me is a belief. A belief that God will fulfill my wish. It’s not that at any other time the wish wont be fulfilled, no!! It’s just about the instant wish that comes to you and you wish for it with all your heart. And I am not even a bit disheartened to say that may be none of my 11:11 wishes have come true…whats a belief if not tested?? 🙂 🙂 Frankly I didn’t even bother about why should we wish at 11:11, I just wished!! Call me lame, judge me. doesn’t matter…but just once have you thought what have you got being so rigid and not believing in anything? I at least have a belief and all the more the reasons to live and love…if you don’t believe in this, how can you believe in love?? You might need reasons for that too..no?? 😛 Anyway, So since am so into 11:11, am going to be wishing all day on 11/11/11 🙂 🙂
Talking about this makes me curious about people believing in destiny 🙂 How many of us believe in destiny?? No points for guessing I am a huge believer..!! Everything that happens around you is destined…planned…by your mentor, specially for you..!! The mere feeling of existence of a magical string above us connecting us all with one other is so exciting..!! Life is so boring if we go rationally about it…like there has to be a reason for every single thing!! Bah..!! We all are not Newtons to find a logic even behind a falling apple. 😛 Take risks, believe in things that don’t make logic, no harm done!!!!! Life is too short to be right about every thing…try being wrong, stupid, lame…its called having fun! 🙂
If you want rationality in everything…how come you believe in GOD, the ultimate unseen power?? 🙂 🙂 Socha hai ye tune kya kabhi…socha nahi toh socho abhi..!! 😛


What do you wish for??

We all have wishes.. Some weird ones, some sweet ones, some stupid, some impossible, some greedy, some needy.. But it was few days back that i realized that not only what i wish for is utterly baseless but also selfish. All my wishes have been so self centered and greedy that i hate myself for being that way. This self realisation was a result of my visit to an oldage home. I realised that just as shown in Bruce Almighty, God sure has many wishes to attend to and He knows what should be given to whom and when. So if your wish aint fulfilled yet, it may be because God helped someone more needy. And well sometimes he makes even the needy ones wait, may be because stupid wishes made by people like me are keeping him busy..
I never felt my wish to get the latest edition of iphone more useless until i got to know that a lady somewhere prays that even if just for a day but she can live without pain in her knees..
When one old lady told me that two of her grand children who are 12yrs and 9yrs of age work so that the family survives i felt it utter nonsense that i complain about the struggling life i have..
I will try and not crib about the food i get because there are people who dont even wish to eat, they have no appetite, no wish to live..
I fight with my mom on the pettiest of issues and there is someone who depends on others to get cash so that she can meet her children..
All the people there wanted was just someone to talk to them, listen to them, show them that they are important and needed, to tell them that everything will be okay.. The smile that we saw and the excitement with which they answered when asked about their favorite daily soaps is unmatched to any feeling.. The joy of giving was never so great.. And what did we give?? Just a little time which i would have wasted sleeping or watching tv.. I dont think there exists a more cruel act than deserting someone who has put the soul in you.. If not for our parents, we would not exist. Ofcourse all the parents i met there loved their children so much that they never thought about securing their future and happily used up all they have for their children who have now left them to get a life filled with lonliness, living on terms of the oldage home unable to do what they wish for.. And here i was thinking that bhagban is just another fictional movie.. Silly me!!
So next time you make a wish, wait. Think about such people and if your wish still seems worthwhile, go ahead.