Isn’t it like the season of letters?? Of course the virtual ones..!! So i thought why not join the trend and took this opportunity to write a letter to the little kid in me.

Dear Kid in me,

I adore you. Not just me but you have few other fans too. But unfortunately you have more haters than lovers. There are a few things you need to get right.

– Firstly stop reacting the way you feel. Learn to pretend. Dont show that you are angry, no way. Matured people get angry only on serious issues and not on something like someone teasing your friend. Nah, that is immature. Your friend can deal with it. Be a diplomat or even better ignore anything such happened. There is no need to be a kid trying to protect and defend something he loves.
– Dont let your face be a mirror to your heart. The feelings you express freely without any fear are often taken as offence. If you don’t like a certain thing someone just bought, don’t make it obvious. Try the subtle hint thingy. You will be in their good books. I have heard its important. *Networking se hi kaam banta hai, Sabse bana ke rakho*
– I know you enjoy music. So you tap your feet or do a little jig with your hands no matter where you are. But that is wrong. You are grown up now. Growing up probably takes away your right to enjoy. Image ka sawaal hai, samjha??
– Matured people have ego. And big ones. If you can’t massage it, at least don’t hurt it. I know you wont mind if someone (genuinely) forgets to inform you something. But no you can’t forget. It hurts the ego of matured people. And they probably thinks its intentional.
– Dont shout or laugh loudly. That is cheap. You will be laughed at. I know you probably don’t care but trust me you should.
– Dont cry. That is taken as a sign of weakness. Even though all it symbolizes is that you are sad or hurt. *Natak* that is how it’s usually described. So control.
– There will be times that you wont understand a certain adult joke. Pretend you know what it meant and fake a laugh. Or be ready to answer *c’mon, don’t lie that you did not get it, you are not that innocent*. Being innocent is a rare thing and probably a crime too. Toh use google but don’t ask living people.
– The word katti is banned. It doesn’t mean the same these days. I know that you use katti to tell the one you care for that they have done something wrong and its time to make up for it. But no. Now if you tell people they are wrong and stop talking, they might just never come back. So be carefull.
– The next piece of advice is confusing to me as well. I’ll give it a try. Umm, try not to be the bubbly and free-spirited self you are with everyone. You would be called desperate. But if you don’t talk or gel around you sure as hell are going to be named ‘arrogant’. So even i am confused what exactly should be done.

I know it’s too much to ask for but that is how you can be famous (among mean people who don’t give a damn about you), lovable (fake love by fake friends), graceful (so what if it’s suffocating) and most importantly MATURED. I have been told that maturity is nothing but learning to act in public. So you need to learn that. My heart aches to say but its better you don’t show up.

“Matured me”


12 thoughts on “Letter..!!

  1. again luvd d way it is phrased lyk points n all πŸ™‚ bt i gues 4 d 1st tym i dnt agree wid ur post…ur post is al about livin accrdng 2 ppl..n dis thot itself sounds vry suffocatng 2 me..nt being a childish (i.e nt being urself) jst cuz u hav mre haters…naa! Screw such ppl dy dnt deserve u..i mean i do agree wid sum points lyk behavng in public,nt 2 jig hands,shout n al..bt jst 4 d sake of netwrkng r 2 b in ppls gud buks..u dnt b urself is nt ryt..remem 2 faced ppl (v hate such ppl..ryt?)..at d end nly dose few lovers r fans goin 2 support n nt dose many haters..live accrdng 2 situation nt accrdng 2 ppl πŸ˜‰

    • I have just informed the kid in me whatever flaws have been pointed…but dont forget its a kid…you cant stop her from doing what she wants…she’ll still be her kiddo self…aaj tak suna hai kya kisika?? Its more of a way to state the lack of innocence :):)

  2. hi ,
    dear kid in puja πŸ˜€

    iski mat sun . don kill urself . kuch bhi bolti rahti hai . remain as u are .. after all u are a kid .. n u damn supposed to behave as kid . So dont comit suicide … jus go on n on n on …….she ought to handle the things afterall she is matured ….u jus do wat u wan ….dont change urself …. laugh wherever u wan ..cry whenevr u want…….iski satak gayi hai πŸ˜€ …… n yeah .. adult joke me intrest na le :D:D


  3. You know what .. i dont agree to this .. I dont want the kid in me to stop having the fun, if i make funny moves while listening to a song , so what , people can close there eyes πŸ™‚

    moreover I dont beleive in changing for others .. why should we .. we cant make everyone happy so why bother.. as long as you are happy and know in ur heart you done nothing wrong ..
    so why change

    Give a little time for the child within you,
    don’t be afraid to be young and free.
    Undo the locks and throw away the keys
    and take off your shoes and socks, and run you.
    La, la, la…


    • even i dont agree…neither am i going to change…i just conveyed a message that am told that i should change…when have kids stopped doing what they want?? So evn the kid in me wont πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

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