An unfulfilled wish!!

My mom wanted a boy when she was expecting me. And so did my dad. They were also firm about having only one child. And no it’s not because they felt that a boy child is better. It was just a sweet wish with no bias whatsoever. And the very fact that i am the only child proves that they had no apprehensions about girl child. Mom says they both were very happy when i was born and seeing me the decision to not have another child only got firmer because they wanted to devote all of their attention and time in giving me the best of a life. I am proud enough to say that they indeed have given me best of everything, be it values, gifts, education, freedom and love. Me boasting about my parents is not new. I can’t imagine my up bringing in a better way. But that’s another story for another day. What i have been recently speculating is their decision to not have another child.
I have missed absolutely no chance of boasting that am the only child and its a boon. I have never had to share anything with anyone or didn’t get the new one because my sibling had that thing and i can use it. I quite like it this way. But what i like the most is that i have undivided love of my parents. I am a very possessive kind of person when it comes to those i adore. So having my parents all by myself is the best thing. But there is no denying that at times i have questioned my parents that why didn’t they have another kid, it would have been fun. Mom just laughs it off. But recently i have realized that there are more cons of not having a sibling than pros. It would have been awesome to have a younger sibling or even older for that matter.
All my friends have siblings. All of them. It’s awesome to hear about the fights, pranks, arguments, fun they have with each other. Its only other day that my friend told me how she funnily clicked her little brother’s picture while he was sleeping and later tortured him to death and blackmailed him to get tons of things. Whenever i go at her place i have seen them fighting for the stupidest of reasons but then i have seen them caring for each other too and to no limits known. I would like to share something i found pleasantly unique. My baby friend ‘K’ has a little brother ‘D’ and it amazes me the way they both bond. It was only recently that ‘K’ had been to Goa on a school trip and he got a toy car for ‘D’. What is awesome is that he didn’t get anything for himself but got a gift for his little brother. ‘K’ is in fifth grade. To care for someone so dearly at such a small age is so magical. Once i asked them that who their best friends are and they both took each others name. ‘D’ who is in first grade respects and obeys ‘K’ from heart. It is an urge to feel this way for someone that saddens me and makes me want a sibling.
My best friend’s sister is getting married. He is pretty self obsessed person. He is currently out for studies and will be coming soon for wedding. And there he doing all the shopping for his sister and nothing for himself proves that this bond is beyond measurement. Whenever my friends are out with me, while returning they surely take something home for their siblings. I have never done that. There is no one who expects it from me. I have no one to bitch to about what i feel. No one to plan surprises with for my parents. No one to do pillow fights with, no one for whom i have to be up all night to do assignments and homework, no sister i can watch silly movies and cry with, no brother who makes me feel protected all the time, no one who complaints about me to my parents and then also requests them to forgive me. All this is a lot to miss on.
I agree we have friends who are said to be siblings we choose. But still each relation is unique and irreplaceable and this is one relation i miss sorely. I am very open to my parents but at times when i tell them what i find extremely funny and get a ‘its-not-funny-its-disgusting’ look that when i miss having a sibling the most.
I mean who wouldn’t want a person with whom you would go to ice cream parlour…make them order an ice cream and eat more than half of their ice cream…tease them till they get upset…and then buy two ice creams for them to make them happy… :):):)


13 thoughts on “An unfulfilled wish!!

  1. Awww…!!!!!!!!!! Dis is so touching!!! Seriously Being single child is not always fun!!! Thanks for making me realize this but i still envy you!!! πŸ˜›

  2. bless your parents were awesome.. my parents told me that they wanted a girl so when i was born, my father wanted a daughter .. so I have a little sister too ..
    so i have had some good times with my sister .. and offcourse my cousins came over to our house ot study in the city ..and it was full house πŸ™‚


  3. Der is no shortage of cousins at my plc poo..n u knw u cn cum over nytym πŸ˜‰ nd play statue-statue :D…ya i agree wid sr its really touching :)…wid dat even i realised d imp of my ‘so-called innocent’ lil brother πŸ˜€ bt koi nai yar..remem our dial ‘mera bhai tera bhai’ πŸ˜‰

  4. Phew…. I can really understand your feelings rightly as i too walk my life alone without any siblings and my life really feels hell when am left alone without my cousins too 😦 But we do have something special in being a single child that too girl child… Our parents shed us their utmost love towards us which makes us feel blessed though πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  5. Really yaar, i cant imagine my life without my sis..having a sibling in indeed a blessing…definitely der are pros n cons of having a sibling, but inspite of all d cons having a sibling is definitely worth it..!!

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