Fatal Joke..!!

Few days back while i was talking to my best friend who is in UK right now and he told me something that am still unable to accept. His exams had just ended and i asked him how his exams went. He told me that his were ok but one of their friend is in trouble. I asked him why. He told me that a night before exams he and his friends called another friend of thiers to know about her preprations. And just as they talked to her she started crying. On asking the reason she told that her fiance was hospitalized. They all told her that they’ll accompany her to the hospital and all is going to b okay. The guy was almost dead when they reached there. They enquired from the doctor what happened to him. Doctor told them that he died because of brain explosion resulting from overdose of drugs. The answer was too shocking for me. I can’t imagine the way the girl must be feeling. My friend told me that the guy had been to a club that night and someone had jokingly messed up with his drink and just as he got out of club he fainted and was admitted to the hospital. He died because of a stupid joke. His parents have been called from India. How will they feel to know that their son has died and that too this way. How will they live with memory of being called to UK for cremation of their son. And his fiance? They both had just got engaged, what must she be going through? We can only imagine. It’s them who know the actual pain. And all thanks to the super cool prank and jokes. If this is what modernization does to the country and its people then we should think twice whether we really want imprints of such western culture in our country? 😦 😦 😦


6 thoughts on “Fatal Joke..!!

  1. Thats why the warning dont leave ur drink unattended, have it on ur hand all the time.. Such things are very common here especially with girls… Hence very important..
    Friends or no friends be safe… Sad this was a prank.. Well the friends will be charged with crime even if it is a prank.. So they better watch out…

    My condolensces to ir friend and thw parents such a tragedy…

  2. This tragedy wud hv been avoided only if they hd known the saying ” “Do to others as you would have them do to you.”
    It refers to one of your earlier posts ofcourse..

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