Feeble attempt.

Here i am with my first attempt at poetry. I really don’t know what title does it deserve, but a friend told its a fact of life. Read on and you’ll know 🙂 🙂

On this road as i walk alone,
i observe that people love throwing stones.

As i walk i meet various souls,
some so pure, some full of foul.

Love on my way was immense,
all i noticed was hate and pretence.

I worked hard to achieve heights that will be praised,
i strove with all my heart and my hopes were raised,

Heights were achieved, happiness embraced,
little did i know all are disguised and two-faced,

My way down was barren, filled with dirt,
have thou experienced similar hurt?!

In this journey what went unnoticed,
was the love of people i unintentionally ditched,

The love i received healed all wounds,
there still exist people so sweet, left me dumbfound.

For them i now have huge reserves,
of love and respect they truly deserve.

With this i have a lesson learnt hard,
most love you when you have success on card.

I now can deal with the thrown stone,
on this road as i walk alone.


Being Fangirl!

Is it childish that I still fangirl everything I like and with hardcore dedication?! But anyway who cares? I love it. If I see something and like it, then there is no stopping me. I see only positives in it. My choice might not seem perfect, but it’s perfect to me. My favorites may appear absolutely stupid, lame, idiotic to you but I love them. I just adore fangirling stuff. I am the types who would want to watch their favorite actor’s movie ‘First Day First Show’. It makes me prove my loyalty towards them 😀 😀 It might be kiddish but if it makes me happy, I guess anything else should not matter 🙂
Be it Shahid Kapoor, Twilight series, The Vampire Diaries, Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Dun, Sarabhai vs Sarabhai, Yuvraj Singh, Feddy, Nicholas Sparks and etc etc etc. I love them all. They don’t perform like the bestest always, but then who does? When they do bad, as a fan it hurts me and one confession, I even stupidly pray sometimes that they should do good 😀 There are things I hate too, I even rant about it sometimes but I try very hard to avoid ranting as it might be someone else’s favorite. If I hate people hating my choice, I’d rather not do that to others. And by no means do I wish to meet any of them. I love their personality, the charm and the character they play. No idea of the type of person they are but at their job, me loves them. As far as the sports players are concerned, I really wish to watch them play in real. Wooo. Super fun. I have even done that and the feeling to watch them win is surreal. The hurt you feel when the one you like is booed, is very bad.
I love to talk about shows, movies and books I read. I love to get opinions and views and share mine. I can never ever get bored with it 😀 And this can’t be abnormal because I know many people (some even crazier than me) who can go to any limit for their favorites 😀 For the celebs, writers, sportsperson it must be an awesome feeling to have such big and caring Fandom 😀 That is one feeling I would love to experience 😛 Not for a long time though, because along with care comes responsibility to fulfill expectations. It’s important for them to keep the belief people have in them alive. And I respect my favorites for being so graceful in handling success 🙂
So I can say I am the kind who collects pictures, makes videos, hangs posters of people I love and proudly so 🙂 🙂 🙂

Hum Tum (You and Me) !!!

Now there must have been numerous articles, debates, blog posts on this topic. And why not, the topic is interesting enough for everyone to have a say. Anyway Indians are famous for having views and giving free advises. That is a reason why twitter, WordPress, Facebook are full of people sharing their views, some even without knowing about things 😛 But that’s another story for another day. For now I better stick to this topic.
It is quite tough to start with it because too many thoughts clouded my mind just as I started thinking about this. I have heard boys saying that girls always find flaws and reasons to fight, then I wonder why all boys keep on cracking jokes, trying to prove they are witty, on all the issues they have with girls. The way may be different but both a guy and a girl crib. Lets talk about something boys seem to be having major problem with. Shopping. It must have been ages but guys just don’t stop complaining about shopping their moms, sisters, girlfriends, wives do. Personally I hate shopping but I still believe that girls/women are justified in shopping more than guys. Dude, we have options and so many of them. Also as a guy don’t you boast about your wife or lover when she looks good. Strange, you want your girl to look good but can’t help her with it. Huh. And the sweet and pretty home you bring your friends, colleague or other guests to is sweet and pretty because your mom, sister or wife shopped for hours trying to find best suited thing at the cheapest price. Try doing that sometimes, I bet you’ll never crib about them shopping. You guys should, on the other hand, be grateful that girls love to shop. It makes things all the more easy. I agree that having the patience to shop is not a guy thing. But Guys, if you can’t help them, big deal, girls can and have always managed. At least don’t crib or joke about it.
Next big thing is sports. Guys love sports, that’s hardly a secret. But I have even seen numerous girls who love sports too, not as much as guys though. Girls, most of them, have been found complaining about boys/men giving more importance to matches or video games rather than them. Girls, you should be happy that it’s just a game or sport and not another girl. And we can go on and on and on about who finds wrong in the other. A guy and a girl don’t think same and wherever there are differences in thinking, values, choices, the differences in opinions is ought to happen.
The point is how beautifully one understands and accepts these differences. And yes to me these differences are very beautiful. Both a girl and a guy are unique and rightly so. I don’t like the cliché debate girls and boys are equal and blah blah. To me they are different and have different places in society. It should be emphasized that both must be given equal rights rather than proving they are equal. If there are things that a guy can do which a girl cannot then there also exist things which girls can do but guys cannot. And it’s so much better this way. Who said a girl cannot propose (in fact some girls have done it) but girls love it when a guy takes initiative and proposes. Similarly, girls can very well open car, hotel, mall doors but they expect their guy to be polite and chivalrous (not always though). Also not all girls will agree to the above point. There are few hardcore feminists who won’t. Some guys love to be the decision makers. It doesn’t mean they are doubtful of a girl’s ability to decide but they just like having the last say.
Girls understand emotions better than guys while guys are physically better than girls. Together they are perfect. Girl adds emotion to a relation while a guy adds security and protects it. It’s not that guys aren’t emotional they just have a hard time showing it. Also girls can be defensive but they want their guy to do that. So I have no qualms admitting that I am officially out of ‘girls and boys are equal’ debate. I believe they are unique in their own way and should be given equal rights.

Is it just me?!

This post is a selfish one. I mean it’s a problem I have had since what seems like forever. And I am using my blog to share it. May be this will help me. 🙂 I am talking about feeling under-confident. I am not the ‘I-will-own-the-world-one-day’ types. I don’t know how many of you feel like I do. I am not confident about anything I say or do. Be it a full-fledged stage performance or a meagre sum in a class among friends. I don’t believe I am right or that I can crack it. Lot of times I have been correct but just because someone finds a flaw in it, I retreat from it and sorta surrender saying ‘yeah I might be wrong’. If asked to opine about something, I do it with firmness. I take a stand in things and believe in it too. Not just that but when situations demand I even fight for what I believe in. But at the same time when it comes to present it to a crowd at large I shiver to the core. I can’t face eyes staring at me, analysing me, judging me. I have done few presentations and performances. And have been told they are good but only I know the amount of strength it requires on my part. Once anyone decides to present something for a crowd, judgements are ought to happen, it’s right and important. In fact the whole point of presenting is to know how it was. I know for sure that I don’t fear criticism. Its also clear that no one is perfect but even after knowing all this I still can’t do it. I am not sure what this is called. This is one of the major reasons that I have never shared my blog on any social site. I think people will regard it probably as waste of time to read such amateur write ups. This feeling makes me realize the value of people reading my blog and I am very grateful for it. Thank you for reading and the feedback, it’s highly appreciated 🙂 🙂

Hai ye maya..!

Money! Umm…i guess i have never really talked about it before..! And i seriously don’t know what really got me a sudden feeling to ponder over it… We all agree that money is important, paisa bolta hai…hehe (i hope we do agree)! But how important?? This is what i have been trying to find an answer to! I have not really started earning money yet so may be my view will all be delusioned or one sided or hypothetical! Besides i am more of a “listen to your heart” and not “listen to your brain” kind of person. So it might be a little less practical.
Firstly, I get pocket money. Yes am 20 but still get pocket money and i find it completely right because i don’t earn so i should not have the right to spend lavishly either. And my parents make it a point to make me give them all the details of what has been spent where. I have been grounded by them whenever i have spent recklessly. Secondly, I mostly go on shopping with parents (I call them my ATM), so there are not many chances of me overpaying for anything or purchasing something useless. Neither have i ever been to a vegetable or food market to know about the current prices or notice inflation, if any. Nor have i taken a real interest in other basic things a house needs like milkman, newspaper, etc. So technically i don’t have much knowledge of how valuable money is. I might judge its importance correctly wrongly. Aate daal ka bhav abhi samjha nahi hai mujhe basically.
What i know for sure is that i dont rate it as the most important of all. Now that maybe because its easily available to me (some say you need to live in crunch to realize the value of money). But i still believe that i don’t want more and more of it. If i like something, i wish to get it. But i don’t really go about it blindly. If its not worth the mullahs i don’t take it. I do feel bad but not for long. I have never really dreamt of earning loads and loads of money. I might have dreamt of fame but not of money. But how else will i get an IPhone…hehe! I mean we all know the famous joke:
Money may not help you buy happiness,
but its always better to cry in a BMW than on a cycle.
And it is true. We need money and dreaming to earn it is not bad. It turns bad or ugly when its earned by wrong means. Earning more at the cost of your values, how valid? Or by cheating others? I don’t even need to mention the number of scams that have come up. What is it all for? Money. Itna paisa lekar jaoge kahan?? Huh. Its all the matter of ‘want’ changing into ‘greed’. Numerous cases of murders have been filed, murders committed for theft. Extorsion cases. Frauds. Children cheating their parents, siblings cheating on each other. All for money. Why? Is money more important than relations?? More important than your conscience? You might have all the money in the world but if you have anyone besides you to share it, i strongly believe its useless. Waste paper. Earn money to get your parents a house at a calm place rather than taking all they have and enjoying it alone. Besides, nothing is permanent. The money you have today might be gone tomorrow. And if you believe it can never happen to you then you, my friend, are living in a superficial world. Also, money might be there who knows if you are not? (Unless you are a vampire :P). So stop running after money like its the only thing in the world.
Lastly would like to share something i found pretty intriguing, its by George Eliot:
“It seems to me that we can never give up longing and wishing while we are alive. There are certain things we feel to be beautiful and good, and we must hunger for them always.”

PS: I know I am immature and have not yet realized the value of money but if realizing its value will make me greedy then I guess I am happy in my protective shell of immaturity. 🙂 🙂