Hum Tum (You and Me) !!!

Now there must have been numerous articles, debates, blog posts on this topic. And why not, the topic is interesting enough for everyone to have a say. Anyway Indians are famous for having views and giving free advises. That is a reason why twitter, WordPress, Facebook are full of people sharing their views, some even without knowing about things 😛 But that’s another story for another day. For now I better stick to this topic.
It is quite tough to start with it because too many thoughts clouded my mind just as I started thinking about this. I have heard boys saying that girls always find flaws and reasons to fight, then I wonder why all boys keep on cracking jokes, trying to prove they are witty, on all the issues they have with girls. The way may be different but both a guy and a girl crib. Lets talk about something boys seem to be having major problem with. Shopping. It must have been ages but guys just don’t stop complaining about shopping their moms, sisters, girlfriends, wives do. Personally I hate shopping but I still believe that girls/women are justified in shopping more than guys. Dude, we have options and so many of them. Also as a guy don’t you boast about your wife or lover when she looks good. Strange, you want your girl to look good but can’t help her with it. Huh. And the sweet and pretty home you bring your friends, colleague or other guests to is sweet and pretty because your mom, sister or wife shopped for hours trying to find best suited thing at the cheapest price. Try doing that sometimes, I bet you’ll never crib about them shopping. You guys should, on the other hand, be grateful that girls love to shop. It makes things all the more easy. I agree that having the patience to shop is not a guy thing. But Guys, if you can’t help them, big deal, girls can and have always managed. At least don’t crib or joke about it.
Next big thing is sports. Guys love sports, that’s hardly a secret. But I have even seen numerous girls who love sports too, not as much as guys though. Girls, most of them, have been found complaining about boys/men giving more importance to matches or video games rather than them. Girls, you should be happy that it’s just a game or sport and not another girl. And we can go on and on and on about who finds wrong in the other. A guy and a girl don’t think same and wherever there are differences in thinking, values, choices, the differences in opinions is ought to happen.
The point is how beautifully one understands and accepts these differences. And yes to me these differences are very beautiful. Both a girl and a guy are unique and rightly so. I don’t like the cliché debate girls and boys are equal and blah blah. To me they are different and have different places in society. It should be emphasized that both must be given equal rights rather than proving they are equal. If there are things that a guy can do which a girl cannot then there also exist things which girls can do but guys cannot. And it’s so much better this way. Who said a girl cannot propose (in fact some girls have done it) but girls love it when a guy takes initiative and proposes. Similarly, girls can very well open car, hotel, mall doors but they expect their guy to be polite and chivalrous (not always though). Also not all girls will agree to the above point. There are few hardcore feminists who won’t. Some guys love to be the decision makers. It doesn’t mean they are doubtful of a girl’s ability to decide but they just like having the last say.
Girls understand emotions better than guys while guys are physically better than girls. Together they are perfect. Girl adds emotion to a relation while a guy adds security and protects it. It’s not that guys aren’t emotional they just have a hard time showing it. Also girls can be defensive but they want their guy to do that. So I have no qualms admitting that I am officially out of ‘girls and boys are equal’ debate. I believe they are unique in their own way and should be given equal rights.


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