Is it just me?!

This post is a selfish one. I mean it’s a problem I have had since what seems like forever. And I am using my blog to share it. May be this will help me. πŸ™‚ I am talking about feeling under-confident. I am not the ‘I-will-own-the-world-one-day’ types. I don’t know how many of you feel like I do. I am not confident about anything I say or do. Be it a full-fledged stage performance or a meagre sum in a class among friends. I don’t believe I am right or that I can crack it. Lot of times I have been correct but just because someone finds a flaw in it, I retreat from it and sorta surrender saying ‘yeah I might be wrong’. If asked to opine about something, I do it with firmness. I take a stand in things and believe in it too. Not just that but when situations demand I even fight for what I believe in. But at the same time when it comes to present it to a crowd at large I shiver to the core. I can’t face eyes staring at me, analysing me, judging me. I have done few presentations and performances. And have been told they are good but only I know the amount of strength it requires on my part. Once anyone decides to present something for a crowd, judgements are ought to happen, it’s right and important. In fact the whole point of presenting is to know how it was. I know for sure that I don’t fear criticism. Its also clear that no one is perfect but even after knowing all this I still can’t do it. I am not sure what this is called. This is one of the major reasons that I have never shared my blog on any social site. I think people will regard it probably as waste of time to read such amateur write ups. This feeling makes me realize the value of people reading my blog and I am very grateful for it. Thank you for reading and the feedback, it’s highly appreciated πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


6 thoughts on “Is it just me?!

  1. Its not anything about being selfish rather I find it very good to come out and write about your fear takes courage. So good start now you know the problem thats first step half thw battle won..

    Dont worry much just take it easy and I would say before u go on to stage etc practice in front of a mirror..

    Talk to friends make them listen to you… You will be fine I am sure…

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