Feeble attempt.

Here i am with my first attempt at poetry. I really don’t know what title does it deserve, but a friend told its a fact of life. Read on and you’ll know 🙂 🙂

On this road as i walk alone,
i observe that people love throwing stones.

As i walk i meet various souls,
some so pure, some full of foul.

Love on my way was immense,
all i noticed was hate and pretence.

I worked hard to achieve heights that will be praised,
i strove with all my heart and my hopes were raised,

Heights were achieved, happiness embraced,
little did i know all are disguised and two-faced,

My way down was barren, filled with dirt,
have thou experienced similar hurt?!

In this journey what went unnoticed,
was the love of people i unintentionally ditched,

The love i received healed all wounds,
there still exist people so sweet, left me dumbfound.

For them i now have huge reserves,
of love and respect they truly deserve.

With this i have a lesson learnt hard,
most love you when you have success on card.

I now can deal with the thrown stone,
on this road as i walk alone.


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