You are missed!

In this journey of life, we meet numerous people. This line, how much ever philosophical it may sound, is so true. As the years pass by, our acquaintances increase. We meet so many people. Some are with us for a long time yet make no impression, some for a short while leaving a permanent imprint on our hearts. Some we wish would stay longer in our lives. There may be many reasons because of which we lose people as we move on. Change in career options, busy lives, sometimes you must have not been able to maintain touch, sometimes that other friend is too busy to answer, sometimes due to change of residence, sometimes due to fights, sometimes due to death. We have lost many people. Blame it to immaturity, distances, situations, ego, destiny, whatever be it, its consequences have been borne by our hearts.
All the bitter-sweet memories locked up in various shelves of our hearts that open up automatically at the mention of something even slightly familiar and leaving us all dazed. Sometimes making us happy while other times causing an ache in the heart which we think had just started to subside. Funny how only after we have done all acts, acting in impulse, hurrying through decisions, sometimes over delaying them, and faced its consequences do we realize that we were so wrong in them. Regret them. Sometimes the acts can be rectified, other times we lose. We lose a friend, a relation that meant more than anything but we only come to realize it too late.
So this post is to all my such friends, right since school. I miss you all and regret not being a part of your life and not having you in my own. I had many friends in school but now due to different choices made we are separated. But the memories are intact. Then during my junior and senior college days I made many friends. After the college got over, I realised there are a few people I dearly miss and should have been in touch with. I am on the verge of completion of a course I took up and again the same ache of separation and that feeling of emptiness is creeping in. How much ever we promise to stay in touch, busy lives, stupid ego and changing priorities won’t let us 😦 😦 And as a matter of fact we all know, life will go on. It has to. May be a little less nice, but it will go on. Oh of course I have them on my Facebook list but that is it. For me friendship is not mere presence of a name on friend list of a social site. So that doesn’t really count. Lastly I am really sorry for all the times that I was wrong (if any πŸ˜€ ). Your presence and role in my life will always be cherished and missed. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


7 thoughts on “You are missed!

  1. Wow, now this is my type of article .. and you has said what my feelings are towards life ..
    people come and go in life . some make you happy some break your heart ..but then sometimes something happes and you remember what it was and what it could be .. or would have been ..

    You are right friendship is not to have the name in the friend list.. facebook and all is all a waste a time nothingcan beat that voice which says oyeeeeeeeee mannnnnnnnnnn.. when you say hello …

    I am sure all your friends will read this and understand you πŸ™‚ you have a good heart be like that always

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