Happy Valentine’s :) :)

My romantic-self will be deeply hurt if I resist posting today. There will be numerous posts, some happy about Valentine’s Day, some sad, some supporting it, some opposing it. For me it’s an opportunity to celebrate love. And no opportunity to celebrate love should go waste. None at all. I know people say that everyday should be celebrated as a Vday. But our busy lives won’t let us, so this day gives us a chance to make up for all those times we could not give our loved ones the attention they deserved. I seriously don’t know what exactly do I post because I have never had a valentine on Valentine’s Day. So I can only imagine what can happen. Of course even friends can celebrate it but that’s totally different. I personally believe this day is for the one you love and wish to grow old with and we all have that soul mate destined for us (big believer in the above mentioned fact just like Madhuri from Dil Toh Pagal Hai). Since I haven’t met mine I don’t know how it feels. But then I can at least pass a message to him through this post that please make it quick 😀 I mean who knows, he might be reading this 🙂 🙂
I would also share a sweet incident. My munchkin (age 10) has her own definition of Valentine’s Day. I was talking to mom about VDay plans, she comes and asks what we were discussing. I told her it’s about Vday and I’ll explain her later. She pulled me down to her height and told ‘I know what that is, you need not explain’. I was too shocked at being pulled already and it looked like she won’t let me go till she proved that she knows. So I asked her ‘What’s it about?’. ‘It’s the Day on which Mom gifts Dad and Dad gifts mom’ she answered, proud of herself. I couldn’t help but smile at the innocent answer she had given. The smile was short-lived. The next question she asked turned smile into shock. She questioned me why was I making Vday plans because she was sure that I had no husband. I thought of explaining her what all exactly Vday meant but then thought better off it. She will know it soon going by the maturity she already has, so why spoil her innocence?! 🙂 🙂


One thought on “Happy Valentine’s :) :)

  1. hmmm I am sure she will understand what it is all about , by the time she grows up god knows what all people will be celebrating.

    I dont beleive in the day but each day is valentines day when spent with the one you love ..

    Happy valentines day to you too , have a great day …

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