Arrggh confusion!

Okay this post ain’t by me. I read it somewhere and it’s exactly what i think. So i decided to share it.

So another post by a crazy cricket fan.
Actually more of a ramble.
Now tell me something, what’s the point of having a new rule, if the umpires are going to be too scared to enforce it? Are they just doing it for the show? Are they just doing it to confuse the cricketers? To confuse the viewers?
Now something controversial happened between Aus. Vs Ind one-day match, 26/02/12.
There is a new rule, Batsman obstructing the field. That’s pretty much that if a batsman is found blocking a ball from reaching the wicket keeper, or a potential run-out from happening, the captain can appeal for an out. And it’s meant to be an out. David Hussey, blocked off the ball with his glove – note. His freaking hand!!
And Dhoni naturally appealed for an out.
It was an out.
The crowd thought so.
The umpires thought so.
Heck even David Hussey had that stupid expression on his face which said, “shit I am out”.
But the stupid, stupid, stupid Third Umpire, was an absolute pussy. And decided to not give Hussey an out because of stupid, stupid “team spirit”.
How about when India is batting, you don’t give Sachin an out? Because c’mon, team spirit is amazing, right Umpire?
Stupid Third Umpire.


8 thoughts on “Arrggh confusion!

  1. Ha.. even I wrote on cricket πŸ™‚ weird too much cricket ..and yeah how can sachin be out he is GOD..
    no one will say indian team have played RUBBISH the opponents make nice runs on the same pitch but indians cants and we have supposedly the best players in the world ..

    We are good only in our own country on our pitches which are tailormade for batsmen..

    • I beg to differ! I’ll say its just a rough phase…it’s not for nothing that we got the number one spot! It was well deserved. Am sure we’ll bounce back. And well the match yesterday was a glimpse of that. Chasing 321 and winning with a bonus point…thats my team!

      • YEah thats what is wrong , we did good in one match and all previous is forgotten .. which is Wrong I think. We were number one yes becasue we were steady then, now we are not..

        We lack consistency look at other teams who were at number one , they were there for yearsssss not for a few months .. our players are not consistent .. yesterday they all did and we made 321 in less then 40 overs .. in all the matches we could not make 250+ in 50 matches .. there is no comparison ..

        moreover lot of other players dont get a chance. in 4 years time whe nthe world cup will be there sachin-sehwag 100% wont be there so why are they getting so many chances when there are others who are younger and shud be given a chance keeping in mind the world cup ..

      • Hey hey…by no means was i defending their bad performance! NO! I just refuse to criticize them. I have my own reasons for it. For one i don’t think am eligible for it. I mean they are there, playing it. For me sitting and commenting is easy and going there and playing it is a different thing altogether. And then who wants to lose? Why will they do it on purpose? Besides don’t they know that they will be thrown out if they are bad?! Besides wasn’t WC a distant dream? But they got it. Being number one wasn’t something we imagined, they got it. So yes i agree that we need consistency and they will achieve it. Why criticize them? I believe in them. We all have our weak moments and trust me i have abused and ranted about them but that doesn’t change the fact that its MY team πŸ™‚ I still feel hurt and switch off the television if my player gets out but can;t resist watching it again either. Call it my religion, foolishness or whatever its just not me to talk bad about them πŸ™‚

      • No i agree with you, we dont have the authority to say anything, but they are representing our nation so they are answerable.

        All i am saying is if you pay salary to someone and they are not performing you will not keep them hired, you will ask them or get rid of them and hire someone else.

        cricket is same they are salaried by the BCCI. πŸ™‚

        anyway lets not argue I am sure there are better things to argue about then cricket he he he he he

      • Yes. But cricket isn’t just another salaried profession. As you said they represent our nation. So its sentiments with responsibilities πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ And yeah just lets not argue πŸ˜›

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