Clinging on to it!

Rays of sun, happy rays, fell on the sea ahead. The scene i was watching was breath taking and beautiful. The water ahead was glowing mightily. The rays of setting sun dressing the sea below it in glowing orange. It almost felt like sun has got a new dress as a gift for the sea. And the sea was shining as if letting the sun know that the dress indeed was beautiful. Cool, mild breeze was blowing around. It felt the God Himself was in the mood of romance. The warmth, pleasant warmth, surrounded me. It felt good. My heart felt light. It was an alien feeling. Don’t know if it can be termed as happiness. If yes then i have never felt this happy. I felt a smile creeping on lips enjoying the atmosphere. The waves broke right at my feet, the water slightly drenching my feet. And when waves retreated, they seem to be taking away my sorrow. Each way taking away all the worries and making me feel lighter and lighter. I felt surprised. I never was the person who sits calmly at the beach to enjoy the sunset, instead i loved jumping around and playing with water. That made me feel alive. But this calm that surrounding me made me happy too. I wished i could sit there alone, forever. However strange it felt, i welcomed it. Don’t know how long did i sit there, just like that taking the whole scene in. Letting the breeze take away all the worries, letting the water take away all sorrow and botherations away. I felt a shake. I ignored it not wanting to leave this peace. The shakes continued. I tried ignoring it but i still felt them. Next i saw flash of bright white ahead of me. I closed my eyes, it was all dark now. I wanted the sea, sand, waves and the calm back. But all i felt were the shakes. I opened my eyes in hope of view i felt so addictive. But i just saw my mom trying to wake me up. The sun was up, i was in my room and the reality set in. I felt myself frowning. For once i wanted to sleep and dream that again. Too greedy to feel the calm and happiness. I almost went back to sleep but my mom just wouldn’t let me. I decided it was all vain and decided to get up still clinging on to the dream with the thought that morning dreams do come true 🙂 🙂


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