Sorry. Such a simple way to undo the cruel acts. Easy escape, easy way to make up for all faults, easy way to hide something done intentionally and prove it as a mistake and yeah well sometimes used to genuine apologise for something we actually regret. It’s this same word we use however different be the situations.
” Shit! I wasn’t bring careful so i bumped right into you, i am so sorry! ”
” Oh i over-slept so got late, sorry. ”
” OMG!! Was that your heart i just broke? I am so sorry! ”
” Actually you know i was bored, i intended to play cricket but ended up playing with your emotions, SORRY!!! ”
Sounds weird no? Imagine it being done. What i am trying to convey is that a mere sorry won’t make up for your faults. Sometimes sorry isn’t enough, however heart-felt it may be but it’s just not enough. The actions should show how sorry one feels. The mistake done by you may be trivial to you but in no way should you judge its impact on the person who is affected. It’s subjective. Rather than grieving over whether or not your mistake was worth the reaction try to convey a genuine apology, won’t make you less of a person.
The simple most example for it is at our home. There are innumerable number of times where we end up taking your frustration on mom. We might be bumped due to bad day at work, class, fight with a friend and we end up being rude with our always taken for granted punching bag. Well that’s the case for me many times. I end up being little rude to her. We have no idea of how much can it hurt her. And she might forgive you just with a sorry. Heck! She’ll forgive you even if you don’t apologise. But when you apologise with a hug and tell her she means the world to you, i bet not only will your harsh words be forgotten but you’ll be making her day. Isn’t that difficult, right? Do try. (That in no way suggests that you should hurt your mom, no no!).
Say sorry when you mean it from heart (yea yea used in ZNMD). The sorry must convey the regret. Well not just that but it should be accompanied by a resolution that the mistake won’t be repeated. I thought using the word promise in place of resolution but mistakes happen, they surpass the boundaries of promises. But we can resolve to try and not repeat the mistakes.
Wondering what’s the big deal about sorry? Well i just felt that many people do some seriously incorrigible acts with the leisure of using sorry at the end. Pretty lame but yeah such kind do exist. Saying sorry is acceptance of mistake too, which indeed is a big deal but doing mistakes as we know a sorry would mend all hurt is not fair. So the next time you use sorry without meaning it, consider yourself virtually slapped by me 😛
And for those who found this post lame, i am SORRY!! 😉


2 thoughts on “Apology!!!

  1. let me write a few lines here in punjabi

    Jihna di Fitrat ch daga
    oh kade wafaan nahin karde
    jo rukh zayada uche ne
    oh kade chavaan nahin karde

    People who are decietful they will remain so and they are clever to use the word SORRY tooo for their convenience.. words like Sorry – Love – Thank you etc have lost their meaning I will say .. people use them at fall of a hat …

    as you said Sorry needs to be said when we mean it .. not for the sake of it ..

  2. totally agree with you… Lovely lines! And seriously the way these words are thrown between people, nothing seems to be big deal these days 😦

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