Jalebis anyone?! :P

Yayyyyyyyyy..! Yeehawww! That’s exactly what i screamed at the top of my voice last night…MUMBAI INDIANS WON!!! I jumped and jumped pumping my fist in air, screamed heartily and did my victory jig revealing exactly how ecstatic I was. I know, I know they didn’t win the IPL cup as yet and just a match. But who cares, ever heard of living the moment?! Yeah, that. Besides it’s about faith one has in one’s team and the way they win that matters. And hello, the victory indeed was sweet considering what all up jhelofy. I mean putting up with your dad, mom and grandma who have already accepted MI PALTAN will lose and with each ball they tease you and force you to accept the loss and be a sport…well, I had resorted to praying the bower suffers from diarrhoea. I mean that would have ensured that MI wins, I consoled my conscience saying all is fair in love and war and kept praying. Hmph. And I totally believe in ‘match is not lost until the last ball is bowled’ (am not sure about who said it, Kapil Dev was it?!). So i was watching with all my might, cheering them aloud (so what if I was watching it on tv, it helps. Well at least it calms my nerves). The end of match was sooooo interesting…nail biting right till the end. I envied all spectators at the stadium. Huh. So uhh last ball left, three runs required, fielders closing in and my fingers still have marks due to excessive biting they were subjected to in anxiety (i don’t bite nails, don’t have big nails either, so I bite my fingers when very nervous). Dad told me to change the channel as that would make the heart-break a little bearable. But me being me, i put on a brave face still maintaining that Mumbai will win. And boy what a win it was, the way Rohit hit the six…it was more like saying ‘that’s the way you do it baby’ to everyone else! What can I say, I loved it. Mumbai won baby, they won! And I was on cloud nine…on cloud 7 due to the win and rising two clouds above because dad had to go and get me jalebis at 12 at night adding sweetness to victory. That was my condition, if MI wins I get jalebis. I gorged on the yummy jalebis which I didn’t share with anyone, they all lost so no jalebi. Hah. I had the best sleep and i even dreamt of eating jalebis while cheering for MI at the stadium. Cricket and jalebis. Best combination ever.


4 thoughts on “Jalebis anyone?! :P

    • I live in Mumbai so hell yeah πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Besides it has Sachin and Malinga, two of my most favs πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Other than that i love Gilly and Dada so either KXIP or Pune πŸ˜€ You can share Jalebis only if you support my teams πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

      • I like Pune warriors as Dada is in it .. punjab have broken my heart the way they are playing .. I am more of a player person , I folllow players like Sachin-gayle-dada-malinga – Uthapa rather then teams ..

      • Well i support any other team because of players except for MUMBAI πŸ˜€ Being a Mumbaikar, its natural to do that πŸ˜›

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