Why do we sometimes say things we don’t mean?
Why do we Feel things we don’t want to?
Why do we sometimes behave the way we do?
I mean sometimes I just behave like a complete jerk. To add to it, we do know its wrong but still feel, behave, react as if almost on an automated mode! Why?
Memories…funny, sweet, sour, happy, sad, lame, embarrassing, proud…all kinds of memories we have! Sometimes these are all that is left! We cherish them…like a treasure so valuable! Memories we want to forget, memories we want to keep fresh forever! Do they appear as per our leisure? Not really! Why?
Our mind may be used by us to play the movie of our memories as per our wish. But they say, Heart has the mind of its own. No control on what will this little organ, which after numerous researches and studies is still unpredictable, remind us of!
So I got curious about how exactly do these random thoughts, memories, ideas appear? I was intrigued by this and decided to surf internet on this topic. Here is what I found. I have compiled the little research I did after a lot of reading. Firstly as most of us know, there are two minds, conscious mind and unconscious or subconscious mind. The conscious mind is the part of your mind that is responsible for logic and reasoning. Whenever you are aware of the thing you’re doing you can be confident that you are doing it by your conscious mind. The conscious mind is also known to be the gate-keeper for the mind. In simple words, it’s under our control. It acts the logical way we want it to. We are very aware of what goes on in our conscious mind. So the memories that come across our mind when we find something familiar is what our conscious mind helps us remember. While the unconscious mind can be seen as the source of dreams and automatic thoughts (those that appear without any apparent cause), the repository of forgotten memories (that may still be accessible to consciousness at some later time), and the locus of implicit knowledge (the things that we have learned so well that we do them without thinking). Emotions are also controlled by your subconscious mind. That’s why we sometimes might feel afraid, anxious or down without wanting to experience such a feeling. Basically, our unconscious mind is responsible for all our involuntary actions. When we crash against something our hand automatically reaches out to the place where it aches, action by our unconscious mind. The subconscious is also the home of our emotions–which accounts for its dominance of the conscious mind.  This is true because in most cases our emotions will easily overrule the rational part of us. Hence the reminder of memories that our conscious mind was ordered to forget appear ever so often.
When there is a conflict between the conscious and subconscious minds, the subconscious mind almost always wins out. The subconscious never judges, analyzes, or rationalizes; it simply accepts all information presented to it. Judging is what our conscious mind does. Children are said to have subconscious mind till age of 9, no wonder they never judge anyone. Now, ever met someone for whom you have an immediate dislike?  Most of us have had that sort of reaction to a person or an event that causes us some level of emotional upset for no readily apparent reason.  We don’t know the person at all; they haven’t done anything to us, yet something about the person seems to cause us to experience some unpleasant feelings in our body and perhaps some equally unpleasant thoughts. Ever wondered why? Something about the person (their energy, the way they look, or perhaps their body language) reminds us of another person who at some time in the past caused us some kind of emotional upset. Our subconscious mind recorded the encounter with the person who originally caused us the emotional upset and stored those memories for us in the depths of our mind. of our body.  And when we met this “new” person, something about them triggered the unpleasantness as if on automated response.
Interesting much, eh? Well to me it was really enlightening. Maybe because i was completely naive to it earlier.


2 thoughts on “WHY?!

  1. Hello there , you are using too much of that conscious mind 🙂

    but very interesting theory you have brought up.. I am not sure of the immediate dislike for others BUt yes I have felt the Immediate dislike TOWARDS ME .. when people see me 😦

    I think I have learned something new today reding this all 🙂

    • I sure intend to keep using conscious mind as much as possible 😀 😀 And yeah very interesting indeed 😀 😀 And no yaa, i think it’s just you who feels people dislike you…maybe they are just like that 😛 😛 happens with me too 😉

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