Angry isn’t the word. I was fuming furious. With that amount of anger I could have given angry birds a run for their money. But coming to think of it, there are certain situations where you just have to curb down your emotions. However justified they are, you cant put them on show. No amount of anger or abusing can anyway take the hurt and betrayal my friend’s going through. So instead of ranting about a stupid ruthless idiotic obnoxious high leveled jerk (ahhh! This feels good) i’ll state something beautiful yet conscious biting.
The other day while discussing a point with someone i got to know that a mother is generally more happy to have a son. Even if it’s just a fraction of a percent more happy but she definitely is more happy. This fact apparently is also present in the Bible. And this, i think, has nothing to do with wanting the boy child for family future. It’s just something that is the way it is. A mother’s happiness knows no bounds when the child is actually born…a life brought into the world by her, a life that contains part of herself. A life which becomes her own extended life. Along with that boy’s first cry on entering the new world, they say, there is a prayer or an oath that is said in that very room. By his mother. A prayer by a splendid mother thanking the Almighty for blessing her with the joy of being a mother. An oath by the same determined mother to nurture her son with values, to give him such an upbringing that he grows up respecting all the women and securing the women related to him. A mother makes a little promise with herself that she’ll teach the child to treat women with respect and honor, to value them, to protect them. That mother on taking her son in her arms for the first time wishes with all her heart that her son will grow up to be an ideal man. A man every girl or woman will look up to. And every mother does all she can to incorporate all such values in her son.
So whenever you as a guy aren’t respecting the woman in your life or any woman for that matter, remember that you are failing your mother. You are failing her upbringing. I anyway fail to understand how can any guy who has used, misbehaved or ill-treated a woman or a girl sleep soundly?! Doesn’t your conscious eat you up? How do you live with that guilt? Ohh! Wrong question. Do you even feel the guilt?! Next time think of it as you disappointing your mother, someone because of whom you are alive! That should make you realise how pathetic and gross you people are to play with someone’s emotions. So lets get this straight, you aren’t just toying around with the girl but flaunting off how little the you think of your mother to tarnish her toil. Oh and remember, a real man always respects women. Hope you got the hint.

PS: Its blatantly obvious i couldn’t keep the ranting out. Sigh.

PPS: I have no clue why i ended up naming it angry birds. Doesn’t really match the latter half but i had a strong urge to be on :-p


4 thoughts on “ANGRY BIRDS!!!

  1. haha ๐Ÿ˜€ agree with you. all of us have come across at least one such idiot :// nice post and actually i loved the title ๐Ÿ˜›

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