Just a push away..!

Have you ever felt pressure? Immense pressure. Like really really immense? Almost like a pressure cooker whistling away indicating its high pressure but is still kept on gas, maybe intentionally. Or like a person who went underwater for a dive but is kept in by people. It’s like people know cooker will blast due to over heating or the person will die underwater but they don’t back off. Not until that last moment I guess. Kyun be? Sharam karo, sharam. Bacchi ki jaan loge kya?
Some people don’t pressurize you intentionally. Sometimes it’s just the mood or situation you are in that you feel pressurized by anything and everything. A mere good luck seems heavily loaded with pressure. This is exactly how I am feeling right now. Have reached a point where even distractions aren’t helping. Feeling like a hungry kid who’s attention is at the chocolate kept far away inspite of the various toys kept in front of him. And this heartbeat has become a full speedily driven ferrari from a meager maruti 800. Dhak dhak dhak dhak, wondering if the people around me can hear it too. If not, they are deaf because it’s unbelievably loud to me. The worst thing about me in pressure is that it shows on my exterior too. Oh how I want to hide this, not because i want to put a brave front or anything (i mean yaa that too, but that’s secondary), it’s because people keep on asking ‘are you tensed? Pressurized?’. Aye aye captain obvious. I agree they ask for my benefit but it just worsens the situation and piles on the pressure! And time passes like a tortoise who is sleepy. Yep, that slow.
I have absolutely no idea why I wrote this. Blame it on the pressure. But the number of times I have used pressure in this shows how pressurized I am. Hmph. I feel just a push away from that blast.


11 thoughts on “Just a push away..!

  1. It happens daily with me .. the only way to escape from these situtation by aptly useing your words. senior ppl do on u coz they know how to do it .Jus pass the blame thats it ..aise hi duniya chalti hai . But if u tak the blame on u being genuine they will supress u demotivate u up to the point u will exploded n end up hurting youself.Learn the art to play with words

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