Had a fall? So What!

There have been a lot of things that are happening around me. Too many changes, some making an impact and some unnoticed. My filmy self has also imagined that I am the only one walking in slow motion and everyone and everything around in fast forward. Courtesy, Aamir sir in Dil Chahta Hai. Either I am too laid back to match up or they are way faster than I can imagine. If left to me, I really don’t even feel like running around them or with them or even after them. I don’t wish to run this race to be ahead, to get everything. But sometimes you’ve got to do things to make others happy and I don’t miss a single chance to spread happiness. And I hate it when I fail to do what I had intended, ofcourse who likes it anyway.
What can be worst part about failure? Everything. Yep that’s what popped in my mind. But what can be worst in worst? (God, I just made failure sound like a dead-end). Uhh, I can place my point by using someone else’s statement. Lately there was an interview of Yuvraj Singh about his survival through cancer. And he was asked what’s the worst part of it. He answered ‘it’s the sympathy people show towards you’. So true is that. If we all think failure is just a road block, why create a fuss about it? Your words of consolation, a formality, crushes a person’s mind more than the failure. Frankly I don’t know how to really talk to someone who has failed, I want to tell them it’s okay, like really okay, to fail. But honestly having heard that from others when I failed, in my mind I was like ‘let’s switch places if it’s really that okay’. Since I have been at both sides I really know that the last thing needed is consolation. Encouragement, motivation, faith is what’s needed to move past that road block. Above all this, what’s needed is being normal. Constantly bringing up what went wrong won’t help, it’s past. And I have been blessed with such superb souls who have guided me through it so effectively. A big thankyou to you all.
And please don’t judge anyone, no one wants to fail. Those judgements, comments, reminders are like a stake being sliced through a person’s confidence. And lack of confidence can be the biggest hindrance on someone’s way up. We all have heard the quote ‘if u fall, pick something up’. But in this perfectly rushing world one has got to be strong-willed and patient. People besides you will keep moving in full force not sparing you a glance, they might even notice you limping but the race for some is too important to stop and help. And those who do, are the one’s you need to cherish. Smile, be happy and try again for those who love you, for yourself. As for others, nadaan hain…jaane do 😉 😉


12 thoughts on “Had a fall? So What!

  1. Let me tell you one thing, Losing or failing is AN ART, and if we look around there are MORE losers then winners..

    in a race 8 athletes run but ONLY one wins the race..

    It takes a lot of guts to accept the loss and then work harder to make sure it doesnot happen again

  2. U jus penned one of the important point that i hate most . “Mercy/sympathy” . that sucks . Its wierd how ppl’s mercy let us down during bad times though i guess they are not intended to . I jus hate that word . It adds salt to wounds. dont know about others but it jus serve me that way

    • NO ONE likes to be sympathized with! And ya exactly not everyone will do it on purpose. But it makes going through tough times a lot more tougher than they already are 😦 😦 that’s why i said i really don’t know what exactly should i say to someone who has failed!

  3. The one who falls doesn’t fails but the one who falls and quits fails.(My opinion)
    ‘Our greatest glory consists not in never failing but in rising every time we fall.’(Oliver Goldsmith quote)
    ‘If you have made mistakes, even serious ones, there is always another chance for you. What we call failure is not the falling down, but the staying down.’(Mary Pickford quote)

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