To all the tyrannical, sadistic and sexist pricks in India:

Here is heartfelt THANKYOU!

-Thankyou for a yet another spine chilling incident proving exactly how low you can stoop, redefining the new levels in the same (as if earlier incidents weren’t enough!)
-Thankyou for making it amply clear that it is autocracy that you want in all things and if I resist, I’ll be forced.
-Thankyou for proving yet again that it indeed is you who wears the pants amongst us, although all you have in that sick, filthy mind of yours is to keep them off!
-Thankyou for an alarming reminder that I must not retaliate the jibe you make at me, however filthy it maybe. I should take it as your right that you have on me and any interference or opposition to it might bruise that oh-so-motherly-pampered ego of yours making you angry, which ofcourse I can’t afford.
-Thanks to you that I cannot wear the clothes I desire as I might end up provoking your mighty self (so what if you have been generous enough to give us various examples of your obnoxious behaviour on Saree or burkha clad women, I still must not dare).
-If not for you I would not be home safe and early prohibited from all late night parties. Thankyou so much.
-Thankyou for warning me that I better walk with my head bowed down, voice muted while am walking past you, for you might notice me otherwise. I mean who else should be cautious and accountable for your mood, your highness (as if this can stop you!).
-Thanks to you that my entire family is scared all the time I am out from my house.
-Thankyou for instilling the fear in me that if you, after all the precautions, end up doing what you intend, even my family might think that it somehow was my fault.
-At last thanks to you that I, inspite of being in a democratic and free country, am caught in the shackles of fear, pressure and restrictions hampering my movements at every step.

I guess it’s all my fault that I believed that you and me are equals, we both have same rights, we both are on same level. How could I have been that foolish? Thinking to be your equal. Equal of someone with such evil and corrupt thoughts and actions. Sorry. I simply can’t equal you.

A feeble, forced, meant to be used submissive.


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