Happy Independence Day!

It is India’s Independence Day. The day most of us are happy just because we get a holiday. The day some remember as a Dry Day, they need to stock the daaru after all. Only if they realise they wouldn’t be enjoying this alcohol but for our great ancestors. We don’t really value the freedom our elders fought for. It’s natural, why would we value something that was a gift? We didn’t have to risk our lives for it. Anyway, that’s something everyone knows and complains, taunts, comments on without actually doing anything to use this freedom in a right way. Forget using freedom rightly, majority of people don’t stand when the national anthem is being played. They have to be told to do so. If you don’t pride in nations anthem, how can we expect the solutions from such people? Problems are many and just knowing the issues isn’t enough. I’ll blog about all the bad things that are happening around me. I can, I am free to do it. No issues with that. Issue is me doing JUST that. The post won’t solve the problems. But that’s where the actual crux of the issue is. I don’t know what else to do. Being in a free country, I am still bound by the mentality of people. I am burdened with responsibilities towards parents, who feel that doing something that isn’t academic is waste of time and risky and so I shouldn’t be much involved. I don’t blame them, that’s how things work around. So how do I help? Least I can do is point out the issues and people who are to blamed. And boy, we are all masters at it. I cheer Indian players in Olympics, we all do. But when it comes to choosing a career, we prefer monetary options. Who’ll swim daily for four years with no guarantee of winning? And all this just so that people know and praise my country? Blah. I’ll rather cheer. And of course, come up with witty comments if an Indian player fails, all in the name of humor. It’s like getting maximum likes, comments, RTs and followers will get us an Olympic medal. On second thoughts, they should give the medal in this category. We’ll not only have huge participation but strong competitors as well. Coming back to today, I wonder why should I be happy and celebrate this day? I am not free to roam around alone whenever I want to, am I? So let’s just say “HAPPY INDEPENDENCE (from the british) DAY”!
I do love my country, more than you can imagine. There is pride, but there is sadness too.


8 thoughts on “Happy Independence Day!

  1. This is so unfair. Even i wrote an independence day post. and then i chekced my mail and read yours. and now i don’t like mine 😀 . Nice post! 🙂 as always 😛

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