Double Standards!

I was in two minds whether or not this is an apt title. Because I don’t know what exactly this means. Or whether what I have experienced is this or not. But whatever it is, it hurts. Specially when it’s thrown on your face with no remorse for it. How can something that’s wrong in one case suddenly become chaleble in another case? How can something because of which you adjusted so many times suddenly didn’t even seem as an issue while doing some other things? Confusing naa. I wish I could simplify. I wish I could just get a clear picture of it myself. There still a part in me which says it’s done unknowingly, the doer is oblivious of the deed. Can something that’s blatantly obvious to me be oblivious to someone? Or maybe it’s not double standards, it’s all as per conveniences. After all we all mould things as per our convenience, naa? But isn’t that’s what’s called having double standards? I guess it is. Ish. I hope I have never done this. If I have, it’s bad. And I am sorry. And it’s not the first time that it’s happening with me either. But I guess I couldn’t stay immune to the hurt this time. But I am so sure I have never had and would never have double standards in something if it’s so obvious and hurtful 😦 😦
Sorry for this dukhi aatma post. It will remind me what I must not do. Kya karen, Dil Hai Toh Dard Bhi Hoga..! 🙂 🙂


4 thoughts on “Double Standards!

  1. vewry true those who have a heart can only feel that way .. heartless people dont feel no thing ..
    Ghalib has said ..

    kissi ko de ke dil koi
    Nawa sanj-e-Fughaan kyun ho
    na ho jab dil hi seene main
    to fir munh mein zubaan kyon ho

      • Sorry for a late reply, I am not a great translator.. but having read here an there this is what Ghalib means to say in the first two lines..

        He is saying in context to love, Lamentations or complaints about the lack of response from the beloved are out of place in Love. When one has lost one’s heart to someone, one should bear all the consequences silently and stoically

        Then he goes on to say when there is no heart in the chest, why should there be a tongue in the mouth

        Nawaa-sanj-e-fughaaN hona=Indulging in loud lamentations

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