She is a MOTHER and rightly so!!

Since last few days this topic of marriage has been springing out of nowhere just way too many times around me. Topic of marriage as in whether love marriage is better or arranged marriage. Be it as a debate with friends or mom and grandma discussing it as someone in vicinity is humored of having an affair or too many people getting married or the ill-fated tv show. Ek toh marriage itself is a heavy-duty concept to me, to add to it me discussing on whether it needs to be love or arranged is like asking a person who doesn’t know to swim take a 2 and 1/2 somersault dive (Olympic fever hasn’t really subsidized for me, I guess). Toh woh din I was casually listening to mom and dadi discussing of how the next generation ‘bahus’ will be and how a love or arranged marriage makes a difference in behaviour of that ‘bahu’. I sat there completely in sympathy with that non-existent and imaginary bahu that was being blamed and jibed on relentlessly by my mom and dadi when in no time did that discussion take an absolute U-turn and they both started discussing how inefficient and irresponsible bahu will I make. Believe me the transition in topics was even faster than the turning of a ghosts neck. And I sat there opening and closing my mouth like a goldfish not knowing quite how to react. It’s not like they were wrong but I had to change the direction of the discussion which was so surely going in the way where I’ll be made to learn the household chores. And soon came to my rescue ‘Maine Pyaar Kiya’. It’s no hidden secret that I am filmy so I just said ‘Mom you know how nice this movie Maine pyaar kiya is. I so love Prem and Suman. Such an eternal pair. And all this ‘running-from-house-and-marrying’ is so much fun, naa?’. That was it. I knew they both will now talk me into how beautiful a wedding with everyone’s presence can be and sure as hell that’s exactly what happened. Oh, how I love Mr. Suraj Barjatya. I sat there ekdum smug at efficiently throwing the ball out of the court, listening to them praising big fat Indian weddings. My dadi toh even went ahead to give example of the movie ‘Vivah’ which not only was by the same maker, it proved her point and also had my most favorite Shahid Kapoor (Yes! I mentally pumped my fist in the air for I have successfully turned my dadi filmy). I sat there gushing about Shahid Kapoor and saying that how even this Prem was so drool worthy. I certainly was a little miffed with Mr. Suraj Barjatya now for portraying both love and arranged marriages so beautifully. That is when my ohh-so-smart mom said that whatever movie it be, MPK or Vivah, both the girls Suman and Poonam were ‘Sarv Gunn Sampana’. And that I should certainly not dream about any Prem as I was nowhere even close to being that ideal girl. I was sure my eyebrows touched the ceiling and jaw was touching the ground. My mom had just outsmarted me and that too by giving a movie example. Oh Boy, to say I was shocked is an understatement. I made a quick exit throwing a very lame excuse all the while blaming a certain Mr. Suraj Barjatya for all this and making a mental note of using ‘Jab We Met’ next time. Hmph.


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