Amusing fable!

Okay so here is something that I read very recently. Maybe many would be familiar with it already. Say it whatever, story, fact, joke, the motive is to convey the message (Sunlo sunati hun tumko kahani..! I just couldn’t resist saying this :P). Here it goes..

A husband and a wife were riding a donkey..
People look at them and comment.. What kind of people are they? Poor donkey.. He must be dying under their weight. On hearing this.. The husband gets down.. The wife riding the donkey alone..
People now say.. What kind of wife is she.. Riding the donkey herself, while the husband is walking on foot.. The couple exchange places then… Husband on the donkey, wife on foot..
People are still dissatisfied and ask.. why would a husband ride himself and let the wife suffer.. Listening to all this.. Both of them get down, walking with the donkey.. People look on and say.. Kitne bewakoof log hain.. Gadha saath mein hai, phir bhi paidal chal rahe hain!!

Do I need to spell out the message? I guess I should (lest someone ponders over why they rode a donkey and not a horse). People will always have an opinion. They’ll always be dissatisfied. Half of them have a very nosy nose to interfere in everything while the other half might not even know the circumstances but both cases will opine (ab free advice toh har koi deta hai, even Mr. Ranchoddas Chanchad or should i say Mr. Phunsook Whangdu woh bhi with the demo). Don’t let your decision change, don’t let your resolve falter, not when you are sure of being right and certainly not because of such baseless comments. Woh kya hai naa, when elephant walks dogs bark. (OMG! Were they riding an elephant?! 😛 ). As i have been taught, don’t be a football of other people’s opinion (ye bhi free advice hai, le na hai toh lo warna jane do 😀 after all maine toh demo bhi dia hai).

PS: I successfully overcame the urge to name this post, ‘ek fable aisa bhi’. Yayyy! This post script doesn’t count as giving in to the urge na? Or does it? 😛


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