A little something happens and it just blows my mood off. I get upset over silly things, mull over stupid misunderstandings. Let’s just say i am at my edgy best these days. So while I was sad about one such petty issue, my over enthusiastic, ever so positive, filmy side made a louder point which i found pretty amusing. You know how people have this saint and devil voices in their head, I have a filmy and a not so filmy voice in my head! So this filmy voice told me that I ain’t capable of being sad yet. As in there are a few things i need to have for being sad. I need a big plasma tv all to myself for watching emotional movies while i eat ice-cream and cry for the characters and myself, i need a high storied apartment with French door balcony from where I can stare off to far ends and think about how unfair life has been, I need a big book shelf filled with all sorts of books in which I can immerse myself and a coffee machine to have bitter block coffee to forget the bitterness in life (uhh, not really). But now I don’t really have these, not of my own atleast. If I now watch movies my mom will remind me of my upcoming exams, if i now go into balcony (without French doors 😦 ) and stare, i’ll be greeted with pollution and noise and I don’t have any unread book right now either except my syllabus books and I don’t drink coffee at all, forget the black one. So basically I don’t think I should be sad. Not unless I get all these. I mean atleast being sad would be a little fun then, nah? That was the point the filmy voice made in head. And i decided that whenever I get sad, i’ll remind myself of all that I need for it and how inconvenient being sad is without it. So I’ll rather work towards achieving all that so that i can be sad or I’ll just decide to be happy, win-win situation it is! Who knows I might end up being happy with all these, I’d then play games on play-station on my plasma, enjoy the view from my apartment and read the books for entertainment and call friends over so that they can put the coffee machine at some use πŸ˜›


9 thoughts on “I CANT AFFORD BEING SAD!

  1. haha πŸ˜€ such a cute post! and yes, even i have dreamed of being the filmy-sad, involving a little rain-gazing as well πŸ˜›
    and i hope writing this post cheered you a little in the end :))

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