Of busy people in their even busier lives!

Firstly, to all who are reading this, Thank You. For I know how busy everyone is and yet to take time out and read it is commendable, Thank You again.

I love to read, write, discuss, talk, argue and debate. I love it. So it’s maybe because of this that I always feel upset about the letter communication not prevailing anymore. I don’t know when and how it was overpowered and reduced to dumps. All I remember is that when i actually was of age where I understood that we need to communicate with people other than our close family, we already had a landline in our home. And the only things that came by post were the official letters and my report card. No personal letters. I have never received, read or sent any personal letter, EVER. I have written many such personal letters to my imaginary ill friends, grandparents, uncles, aunts as my school assignments though 😛 I wonder now, why did they even include learning to write personal letters in our syllabus when we never really use it??
Personal letters are now an ‘age old’ talk. Something that is talked about with the suffix ‘once upon a time’. Now is the age of texting, Whatsapp, BBM! The shorter and faster the messages, the better! So i ask, Why not emails? Why only the forwarded emails? Why not emails of your day’s experience shared with a friend? A random email to a friend, cousin, relative telling them what’s going on with you and that you miss them won’t do any harm. But again, do you really miss them? As I read that day, we are all reduced to our smart phones. So true. Forget such communication, so busy with our lives are we that we might not know when a friend needs us or that a relative of ours is ill. We don’t even call people without reason. Gone are the days when we used to call just to know how people are doing. Reminds me of another thing i read which fits here, we don’t make friends, we add them. Sad, but true. I don’t have any pen friend. I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep up to itif I had any. What I know is I won’t mind trying. I don’t mind being a mere contact in your phone, don’t label me as a friend is all I request.

In an age where people barely manage time to sleep, I would like to have friends who care to share. Silly? That’s me.

PS: I ain’t ignoring the advantages of faster and better communication here, I am just expressing my views about the distance in the minds, that has crept up with these advancements.


The shooting star that was..!!

He wanted to own that toy car right from the moment he had set his eyes on it but he knew they couldn’t afford it. At night as he sat by the window counting the number of vehicles that passed on the road below he saw the shooting star and wished for that car…
She had seen her child’s eager and wistful eyes as he saw the car. The inability to fulfill her child’s unsaid wish sliced her heart. So as she sat in balcony crying the silent tears she saw the shooting star and wished her child gets all the happiness in the world…
He knew they were right. Each word they uttered showed their care and concern, he should have had a secured job by now. And yet he had been a jerk and yelled at his parents for pressuring him. While he mulled over these events sipping his drink outside the bar, he saw the shooting star and wished that he cracks the interview tomorrow…
It had been an easy banter, the kind they always had. They always made fun of each other but this time the reactions weren’t that civil. There are misunderstandings. She saw the shooting star as she strolled the park and wished that they would always be the best friends they are…
He knew his time was ending. This disease was eating him up slowly, each day getting even more painful than the last one. Yet when he saw the shooting star from the window beside his bed he wished for some more time just so he could still wake up to see his wife’s smile to have him alive..
Not a day had passed when she wouldn’t have thought about her daughter, about what she could be doing, how she looked. She had had no choice but to send her off to orphanage lest her in lands would have killed the girl child. As she waited for her husband to return she saw the shooting star and wished for her daughter’s happiness…
He had practiced it well, he knew he could crack it. He wanted that proud smile on his parent’s face as he got the prize. He sat revising the answers again and that’s when he saw the shooting star wishing he’d win the quiz competition tomorrow…

I know a pretty random post, don’t know how and why i wrote this. But it propped up in my mind as i read about the shooting star. Of all the explanations i read about the shooting star, this one seemed very interesting and sweet to me:
Legend has it that wishing upon a shooting star makes the wish come true. It is believed to have originated in Europe, when Greek astronomer Ptolemy, around AD 127-151, wrote that the Gods occassionally, out of curiosity, even boredom, peer down at the earth from between the spheres, and stars sometimes slip out of this gap, becoming visible as shooting or falling stars. Since the Gods are already looking at us at such a time, they tend to be more receptive to any wishes we make! One more interesting thing i came across is that in Chile when you spot a shooting star, you must pick up a stone in the same moment, while making a wish. If you’re in the Phillipines, you must tie a knot in your handkerchief instead!

At the end it all comes down to your beliefs! No harm in trying i say 🙂 🙂
Oh and also, always keep a wish handy, you never know when you might just witness the shooting star! 😛

Happily sad or sadly happy?!

Mere do anmol ratan, Ram Lakhan nahi…India aur Pakistan! These were my two hot favorites to take the cup home for this time. Pakistan still stands tall but India couldn’t qualify even after snatching victory from jaws of defeat yesterday! Whattey match it was, whattey! Ekdum paisa vasool! Agreed, it was heart wrenching to watch Indian players play with those ‘matam manaying’ faces but I hardly blame them. Ofcourse we can have a big list of ‘If Only’s’ right now but that wouldn’t change anything, right? They did make some mistakes but none were fatal enough to cause this. Luck does play a role, what with WI qualifying by winning mere too matches and NZ losing there matches in the super over. Woh kehte hai naa, allah meherbaan toh gadha pehelwaan. No pun intended! 😛
Coming to the Australia and Pakistan match, the one i wish i could watch from start till the end! I love to see Australia lose, be it against anyone…yahan toh mera favorite team Pakistan tha! But as it is, i could only capture it in snippets (i have this notion ki if i watch the match, the side i support loses…inane i know, but ab notion hai toh hai 😛 ). I hoped against hope for Aussies to get out before 112, heck they just played to cross that 112, so much for being the sportsmen! But Aussies losing by 33 runs was a sight to behold, something i enjoyed more than WI dancing after defeating NZ 😛 (never should you miss the ending over and the after match action 😀 😀 )
But had i been foresighted enough to know that this would set such a high benchmark for India, ma kasam i would have cheered less (yes i do think me cheering plays an important role, i am weird like that). Khair chodo, jab chidiya chug gayi khet, ab pachtaye ka hott 😛 For now its, Pakistan For The Win!!!